New Blood Bowl Goblin Team And More Made To Order Announced!

In a new post on the Warhammer Community page, Games Workshop has announced the long rumored new Goblin team AND a new round of classic Blood Bowl miniatures returning to the Made to Order program. There are not many details available just yet, other than that the miniatures for both will be available in the online store next weekend.

Interestingly, they have posted two different images for the Goblin players. Time to speculate! The first image (above) shows only four Goblin players, and they are painted in the same color scheme as the already available Gouged Eye Orc team. Is it possible that there will be a four pack box available for those who only want enough Goblins to fill out their Orc roster? I hope so! More options are always better than fewer options.

The second image for the Goblin team shows a “full team” (I use the phrase loosely) of twelve players. Judging from the image, like previous boxes, there are six individual sculpts, but it looks like there are different head possibilities as each repeated sculpt in the pic is sporting a different noggin. That is a nice change from previous sets. The helmets of all the Goblins appear to be sporting a quarter moon crest, which is a kind of comical twist to the team… which you REALLY have to expect with Goblins. Honestly, you do NOT play Goblins to win. You play Goblins to have fun and laugh a lot.

On a sad note, there is no Troll shown which crushes the hopes that an alternative sculpt for the Troll would be included in the Goblin boxed set. I REALLY did not expect to see one, but I was kind of holding on to remote hope that it would happen.

It is also worth noting that the Goblin players in both images appear to be the exact same sculpts, so if there is a smaller, four player box that is released just for the Orc team, it will not be filled with different sculpts. However the minis are released, rest assured that I will be melting my credit card to pick them up and do more unboxing posts, so check back!

More classic Blood Bowl minis available for a short time… Yea! So far, the only image released for the next round of Made to Order minis is the Necromantic team. The Necromantic team is an interesting mix of 3rd edition Wights, Ghouls, and Zombies from the Classic Undead team mixed with 5th edition Flesh Golems and Werewolves.

I already have this team, so I will not be picking up any new minis, but I am definitely interested to see what else will be available. Personally, I am hoping for a 5th edition Minotaur to go with my recently acquired Chaos Dwarves from the last round of Made to Order minis. I guess we will have to see what happens next weekend!

That is all for today. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “New Blood Bowl Goblin Team And More Made To Order Announced!

  1. i golem and 1 werewolf doesn’t do it for me, unfortunately. I’d prefer to be able to just get golems and werewolves, since those are the models i don’t have.

      • Maybe, but I doubt it. The Bull Centaurs were not part of the original boxed set for the Chaos Dwarf team, mostly because in the original 3rd edition team, Bull Centaurs were not on the roster. Werewolves and Flesh Golems were part of the Necro team from the beginning. I guess we will find out for sure in a few days.

  2. My main problem with the gobbos is that there is no secret weapon options in the box. Forge world is romoured​ to be doing these. Something tells me this may not be a cheap team to complete.

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