Blood Bowl Made to Order Round Three

There is more good news for Blood Bowl fans! Today, Games Workshop announced on the Warhammer Community website that a another round of Blood Bowl minis is coming to the Made to Order program. Next week’s releases give us four more teams and one more Big Guy. Up for sale will be the 3rd edition Halfling team, 3rd edition Wood Elf team, 4th edition Treeman, 5th edition Vampire team, and finally the 5th edition Ogre team.

I have to admit that I actually skipped the last round or Made to Order minis. The reason I did not pick anything up last time is that there was nothing in the releases that I needed really. I already have all the Undead/Necro minis, I am not a huge fan of the Lizardmen team, and I have never really had a desire to play High Elves. This round is a little different for me.

Lets take a look at each release and go over some thoughts.

First up is the Halfling team. I have never actually played Halflings before… mainly because I am not brave enough to attempt it. I have always liked these minis, however, as they have SO much character. With the guy with the pot on his head, the one with the colander, and of course the dude with the leather pilot helmet, these guys remind me of the characters in the movie Time Bandits. That is a very good thing for the Eighties kid inside me.

Having said that, I will not be buying this team simply because I already have these minis. Well… all but the Chef mini. If there is an option to order him individually and not as part of the team, I will pick him up, for sure.

On a side note, if anyone is interested in minis that are actually based on the characters from the movie Time Bandits, Northumbrian Tin Soldiers makes a line called Time Robbers that are fantastic. I have about half the line so far, and I highly recommend them.

Moving on…

Next we have the 3rd edition Wood Elf team. These have got to be the absolute WORST minis ever sculpted for Blood Bowl. I am looking forward to Games Workshop releasing a NEW Wood Elf team so that there will finally be a better option. I will not be buying these minis because… well, come on… just look at them.

Here we have the 4th edition Treeman, sculpted by Mark Bedford. This is one of those minis that I always wanted to pick up, but just never was able to find one available for a decent price. They are not super common, so when they do show up on eBay, or other outlets for sale, the price is usually higher than I can stomach. I will definitely be getting one of these.

We also have the 5th edition Vampire team. I have never had a huge desire to play Vampires, but I do like the minis. A while back I actually painted a team of these minis for Steve Campbell from the Both Down podcast, and they painted up easily. For someone who hates painting as much as I do, these minis were not too traumatic to paint. I will be getting this team.

That brings us to the Ogre team. To call this a “team” is a little generous since the set only ever included the Ogre minis, and one Goblin mini (not counting the Goblin being thrown by one of the Ogres that is sculpted into the Ogre’s hand). Why a Goblin mini with the Ogre team you ask? Well, in case you did not know, when the Ogre team rules were originally released, they used Goblins instead of Snotlings. Shortly thereafter, the BBRC decided that the Ogres were apparently too good, and they swapped out the Goblins for the Snotlings we now have on the team. These minis are fairly hard to come by without paying through the nose, and they are some of my favorites from the older Blood Bowl minis. I will definitely be getting this team.

How about you? Anyone else looking forward to getting some classic minis? Let me know what you think.


Just for grins, I thought I would include a couple of pics from the Vampire team I painted for Steve. Somehow I managed to forget to take a picture of the completed team all together, but I did remember to snap a couple of pics of the Vampires for the team. This paint job will not win me any awards, but I think they came out well.

Note the mini on the right with the variant head. That mini is currently available from Impact Miniatures as part of their Vampire team. The mini has an interesting history according to the Blood Bowl miniatures archive website. Apparently it was the original design for the mini, but Games Workshop asked for some changes that ended up being the final mini that was sold with the team. I am not sure how Tom Anders and Impact! got the rights to cast and sell the mini since it is 90% a Games Workshop mini, but apparently he did. Do not expect to see this mini included in the Made to Order program next week.

The mini on the left here is the finalized version of the mini.

That is all for today. We should have at least one more unboxing coming in the next few days!


9 thoughts on “Blood Bowl Made to Order Round Three

  1. It’s baffling that they’re not selling Snotlings with the Ogres, even as a separate purchase! While the teams they’ve offered before have jot always been optimal or as complete as we might like (only four Chaos Dwarf blockers? Boo!), this is the first time in the MtO that they’ve shipped a team that isn’t actually legal to field without using minis from somewhere else. Disappointing!

    The Halfling minis look great. Something about the old smaller minis and Stunties just looks great and full of character, like you said – big fan of the Hobgoblins and Chorf blockers too – in a way that the taller folks aren’t. The High Elf team looks far too stiff (perhaps deliberately), and the Dark and Wood Elf teams are visually unappealing.

    I’m also not totally sold on these Vamps. Odd nightcap helmets and not much to distinguish some Vamps from Thralls. I think I’ll be giving this round of MtO a miss, especially with Pro Elf just around the corner!

    Great write-up as usual, lots of insight and interesting nuggets of info I wasn’t aware of!

    • I understand your frustration with the Ogre team, but if you look at it objectively, it does actually make sense. The Ogre team never did have Snotling minis that came with it. The only thing that was in the package back then is what you see in the image above. It was not until the release of the Living Rule Book 5 (LRB5) that Snotlings ended up on the Ogre roster. I am not 100% on the dates, but if the game was still in print by the time LRB5 came out, it was not in print for long. By that point, there was very little to no miniature support from Games Workshop at all. No new Snotling minis were coming.
      The last time Games Workshop made official Blood Bowl Snotling minis was during 2nd edition, circa 1988. I am not sure if you have ever seen those old Snotling minis, but they REALLY do not hold up well. I know some people like those Eighties style minis, but I would say that most people interested in Blood Bowl these days do not. Also, with the age of those minis, I highly doubt any of the molds have survived.
      The molds bring me to my next point. From what I can tell, the Made to Order program seems to be mostly based on the molds that currently exist. The original teams were all sold as twelve player teams, with the exception of the Ogres as already mentioned. As such, I suspect that the actual molds were made to cast the “entire” twelve player team at once. Since they are not selling blisters (for the most part) containing additional players, I suspect that this is still the case. They are simply casting minis using the available molds, and are not spending additional money to create new molds. They also are not going to put in any effort to sculpt new Snotlings to go with the 5th edition Ogres for the Made to Order program.
      As long as Blood Bowl continues to sell well, I think we will eventually see a new Ogre team complete with new Snotling minis. Only time will tell, though. In the meantime, if you want Snotlings to go with the 5th edition Games Workshop Ogres, you can always pick some up from Vortice, Impact!, or several of the other third party companies making Fantasy Football minis.

    • Yes, you could do some Grots conversions. With some work, they might end up being pretty nice Snotlings.
      I have to admit that I had not thought about using Goblins instead. That might actually be a good idea. Speaking from experience, the extremities on most Snotlings minis are so thin that they are unbearably fragile. I have looked at plastic Snotlings and had their legs break off. Even though they are slightly larger, using Goblins instead might be the best solution.

  2. Wow, too bad there wasn’t enough Time Bandits to field a Halfling team! Always liked that movie, and those minis are cool.

    I beg to differ on the Wood Elves. The Pro Elves have to be *worst* team ever put out by GW. Well, now that I think about it, Amazons might be worse or at least really close. Both of them were so bad, that even in my ‘must-have-every-blood-bowl-model’ collection craze, I passed them up. Especially since Pro Elves are expensive on Ebay (and ugly). I agree though, the Wood Elves are definitely not great. They paint up okay, but most of them have super tiny waists, and the poses aren’t very good.

    So far I picked up Hthark the Unstoppable from Made to Order, and the trophy pack. Hthark was a decent enough price. The trophies were cheaper than what I used to see on Ebay. The Chaos Dwarves are also likely to be the only team I end up keeping from the old GW minis. I really prefer the new GW minis, with better details.

    Also, thanks for answering a question I ran into last night, as to where that goblin comes from! I have the goblin from the Ogre team (but not the ogres), and found him in a box but couldn’t recall ever seeing him before. I thought he might’ve been from some non-GW manufacturer. I guess I must have picked him up when I was hunting down some goblins on Ebay.

    • Well, I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on which team gets the title of worst Blood Bowl team ever sculpted. I own both the Pro Elves and the Amazons and I have to say that the Woodies are orders of magnitude worse than either of those teams. 🙂
      The Chaos Dwarf team with two copies of Hthark are the only minis I have gotten from the Made to Order program so far, but that is going to change with this round of releases. Who knows after this. There are only a few more minis from the 3rd to 5th edition era that I still want but do not yet have. Maybe the 5th edition Minotaur will tempt me…

  3. Yeah, for me this will be the first Made to Order that I’m not buying anything from. Mainly for the same reasons as yourself – because I already own the halflings and a WFB treeman (not the one shown), and I think the Wood Elves look a bit shit. I do quite like the vampires though, but i’m old school and I don;t recognise them as a team without the classic 3rd ed box.

    • That is old school. I have to admit, out of all the teams I have, only two of them still have the original 3rd edition boxes. Several others originally came in those boxes, but I definitely do not have them.

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