Battletech: Red Inner Sphere Mechs

Somewhere out in the Periphery, a Clan Star has surrounded what’s left of an Inner Sphere Lance…

I don’t know a whole lot about the Battletech Universe at the moment, just a light overview. I do know a little about the history of the Clans and the Inner Sphere, but specifics about the different Inner Sphere Houses…not so much. I do know one of the factions leans towards majority red, and I have been known to enjoy a red color scheme, so here we are. Above are five smallish mechs.

My son was pretty into Gunpla at one point, and I always liked the look of this one above called a Guncannon. So, Mr. ‘cannon here is what I essentially based my main color scheme around.

Five mechs on the heavier side, with a few yellow accents. I feared the addition of yellow would be a color too far, but these actually turned out alright.

Here’s the complete ten models (with buildings from the Alpha Strike box in the back). Inner Sphere “Lances” are 4 mechs each, so this group gives the “Red Player” a few choices on constructing a Lance or two.

I’ve yet to actually play Battletech Alpha Strike, but plan on giving the rules a solo spin soon.

6 thoughts on “Battletech: Red Inner Sphere Mechs

  1. Never got into BattleTech. I played a computer game called Earth Siege that was mechanical, but that was about it. I downloaded the quicksand rules to C.A.V. when it was released and looked at models, but never ventured into it.

    But… every time I see some well-painted mechs I think about again! Nicely painted. Cool scheme.

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    • These models are _very_ easy to paint. I’ve got my eye on some more, simply because of how quickly they paint up. I’m gonna _force_ myself to get in some games first though.

      (Regardless….I’m probably gonna be in on the upcoming Mercenaries kickstarter…)

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  2. So, it’s actually kind of serendipitous that you chose that scheme. I’m guessing the faction you’re thinking of is the Draconis Combine/House Kurita (their Sword of Light elite regiments are predominately red), and their shtick is “Space Samurai”. So choosing a Gundam for their colors works really well!

    Which works out even better; your black Clan mechs could easily be Smoke Jaguars, whose invasion corridor went through the Combine.

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    • Looking now, and yep, House Kurita is what I had in mind. Nice! Pretty cool to hear the my star and lances ended up looking somewhat thematic. Thanks for checking this out and leaving the comment!

      I want the next group to be predominately blue, so that looks like House Steiner I think.


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