Battletech: Blue Inner Sphere Mechs

Third time putting paint to plastic in this most recent effort to get into Battletech…and I went with an official House.

I wanted some blue Inner Sphere mechs as a counter to the red, and looking through the Primer books that come in the starter boxes, and House Steiner is the one. Most color schemes have a side of the mech grey. A clean line down a third of the model like in the image above. I don’t have that sorta talent, or maybe just patience, so my mechs are getting a single grey arm.

Additionally, I went a little more lighter than the darker, almost purple tinted, blue to help this faction also contrast against my black Clan mechs. I had a few fist transfers from Gorkamorka (seen on the three mechs in the first photo) and though they don’t look exactly like the House Steiner fist…eh, this is a specific unit doing their own thing.

Like the red mechs, which I now slot as part of House Kurita, I did ten models to give enough flexibility for a few lances. It also seems like Steiner skews a little on the larger, heavier mech side so we don’t have as many light mechs here.

My son has been eyeing these recent photo shoots, so I might be able to actually get him into a game. I think I’ll do that solo bout this weekend though so to get a feel for the game ahead of time.

7 thoughts on “Battletech: Blue Inner Sphere Mechs

    • Thanks! It seems pretty common for House Steiner. I feel like they need a little something else. I opted for black transfers for the numbers because I use white transfers so much, but I don’t think the black is popping. I’m pleased with the orange of the cockpit glass though.


    • Thank you. I don’t use an airbrush, just old paintbrushes and paint out of the pot. For the blue here I did…base with Teclis Blue, wash with Agrax Earthshade, go back and drybrush/highlight with Teclis Blue.

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      • Thanks for the method, I’ve thought about getting some mechs but assumed you would need an Airbrush to get the surfaces look good, thanks for showing you can do it the traditional way!
        Also that’s interesting use of Agrax on a blue would not of thought of that but its turned out great!

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