Age of Sigmar – Chamber of the Bloodied Dawn

“The Realmgate Wars are over.
Elixia is shattered.
The Hammers of Sigmar have abandoned Chamon.
But we remain…We who swore to protect Celemnis in this twisted realm.
For the Maiden!”
– Lord Maulheart, Chamber of the Bloodied Dawn

The Chamber of the Bloodied Dawn are depraved citizens of Elixia left in the aftermath of the Realmgate Wars. Feasting on the corpses in the ruins of that conflict, they’ve come to see themselves as Stormcasts and stalwart defenders of the city and its local hero, Celemnis, the Silver Maiden.

I was very much a fan of Bretonnia and the Vampire Counts in the Old World. The Flesh Eater Courts in AoS is a great concept to bridge those two long standing interests. However, I felt portraying the ghouls as thinking they were King Arthur style knights was a bit out of place in the new GW fantasy. Why wouldn’t they think they’re the most noble golden boys of this era? So, here’s my attempt at having some ghouls that think they’re heroic Stormcast Eternals, while still getting that bit of Bretonnian knightly chivalry with their reverence of Celemnis.

When looking at the SCE Battletome, I chose a chamber that used the hammer iconography because Celemnis had a smithy. The fact that there was a little used one called the ‘Bloodied Dawn’ that was all about fighting chaos from birth, was icing. So, choosing the shoulder pads and shields I did wasn’t an accident…this was a perfect fit.

I’m not entirely sure armour would be left behind from dead Stormcasts for these crazies to pick up and use…but…eh some liberties need to be taken I suppose. 😉

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