Gaslands: The Punks

Punks are a staple of Post Apocalyptic gaming, but it took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with them in my Roswell ’98 setting. I originally planned to just use army greens like the Maniax as a tribute to the Dark Future gang. Ultimately, I opted to employ some inspiration from them, but not copy that gang outright.

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Xenos Rampant: The Survivors

My fourth completed detachment, and the protagonists of my little Roswell’ 98 setting are The Survivors. I recently finished painting a few units for this band and I’ve got many, many human models painted at this scale now, so this detachment could easily go beyond the standard 24pts. This post will only address the 24 though.

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Dracula’s America: Outlaws

I’ve connected with some local gamers that play Gunfighter’s Ball and possibly Dracula’s America. I’ve had the Dracula’s America books for a few years now and haven’t done anything with it. Well, that recent connection was the spark to get me to move on a posse.

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Battletech: Clan Mechs

Here’s something a little different for WS&TZ. Barnes and Noble (one of the last, large North American book chains) recently ran a 50% off all boardgames sale. I went in looking for a second copy of the B&N exclusive Blitz Bowl: Ultimate Edition, but walked out with four boxes of Battletech.

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Blood Bowl: Orc Team Coach

Got in a quick hobby project before the Holiday…a new coach for my Orc Team using the recent Goff Rocker. Not many conversions here…an attempt at buttons on the guitar strap (in place of bullets) and added the goblin-in-a-football to the base to give the model a little more BB flair. Now all my greenskin models are painted up.

Happy Holidays Everyone!