Back Home and Back to Work


My adventures in darkest Afghanistan have come to an end and it is time for me to get back to actually having some hobby time.  Logistically while I’m overseas my hobby dreams come to a close.  Having enough space to even setup a paint station is never a guarantee and if there is most likely Uncle Same keeps you busy to where there isn’t the time to get anything done.  Despite these huge roadblocks there are a few nice benefits of spending nine months overseas….


Read my lips “No Taxes”

So if you’ve never gone a period of time without having to pay taxes then you are missing out.  Imagine giving yourself an instant 25% raise.  Slap on some additional pay for facing imminent danger and hostile work conditions and now you are looking at some pretty nice pay.  It tends to create this unusual problem where you have money piling up in your bank account.  As you can imagine this situation does wonders to reinvigorate your hobby funds.

Portrait Of Happy Family In Garden At Home

Family Time is a Minimum

Don’t get me wrong, not having much family time is actually pretty crappy overall, but when you are sitting on a weird time zone that limits when you and your family are awake at the same time you will need something to pass the time.  Never will you be more up-to-date on hobby happenings around the world when you spend your little free time browsing the internet for every painting video and unboxing there is.


You Get to Play the Long Game

So when nine months of your life is put on hold the prospect of waiting for a Kickstarter project to ship actually seems more reasonable.  If a project is promising to ship in a year and you are already sitting around waiting for the first nine months it actually starts to look like a short wait.  This doesn’t always work out.  I’m actually still waiting on a project from a previous Afghan trip to ship.  I’m looking at you Siege of the Citadel!

Sunrise above road

A Bright Future Ahead?

So my absence away from the world replenished my hobby funds, which I sank into Kickstarter and some essential hobby tools, and I used my spare time to try and learn up on some hobby techniques.  Hopefully what this means is that I’ll be able to start cranking out some updates on the painting front and I’ll be having plenty of unboxing content.

As I type this I am already sitting on three new Blood Bowl teams I need to show off and I am looking at another five teams that should be coming in the first quarter of the year.  The long and drawn out Undead/Necro project should be getting finished up this quarter I hope.  As a token of faith I have a sneak peek of a little bit of work I finished up over the past couple of weeks.


Hope you all had a good Holiday Season and here is to a productive 2019 for us all!

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