Underworld Denizens … finally complete


I put the finishing touches on my underworld denizens team this weekend by putting the number transfers on the team. To celebrate I took some new pics, so here’s a massive photo dump (after the break)!

5 thoughts on “Underworld Denizens … finally complete

  1. I think I must have missed a few posts on WSTZ. Nice job on these though! I’m planning on doing pink accents on my Skaven and Chaos Rengades team. Any tips on the pink? I think I’ve tried one test using some Contrast Pink and the more traditional colors, but it didn’t turn out that well.


    • Oh man, yeah post-necromancy here 🙂

      The pink was a pain, I primarily use washes and inks over a zenithal prime. So the pink was several layers of GW’s Carroburg Crimson and then I painted highlights by making a pink out of white and red ink.

      I ended up selling this team off because I had such a miserable time painting them. Since the new Underworld Denizens roster got updated though I’ve bought more minis to make this team happen again 🙂

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      • Oh man, too bad you sold them off. Yea, I was considering trying a wash of some sort. Or I might try the airbrush. I dug up the post partially because I had started reading another post that referenced this one. 😉


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