And Now For Something Completely Different!


Up to this point, this blog has focused pretty exclusively on table-top games and the miniatures that are used with these games. But now that I am the parent of a three and a half year old, Legos have entered the house in full force. On occasion I have used Lego pieces in making Mordheim terrain, but now we have plastic drawers full of Legos and a little guy who loves to spend seconds pulling apart pieces that daddy puts together over the course of a hour or more. Yea me… I have to admit though, I have started to have fun with the Legos too.

On occasion, I have used Lego pieces in my terrain projects as they make great cheap and good looking windows and doors, but I am new to the AFoL (Adult Fan of Legos) world. When I was a kid, we never really had much money, so I never really had any Legos to speak of. The Legos I did have were just the basic, classic bricks. I never had a specific set that was for a certain building or anything. Now that I have started regularly shopping for them for my son, I am amazed at all the options for sets out there… and this amazement has made me open my wallet!

The only question was how to start my adult Lego collection? Realistically I do not plan on buying a whole lot for myself. With everything else that I collect, the only way I could justify adding Legos to the list is if I kept the collection down to sets with some serious cool factor. After looking for a while, I found my first two sets and placed my order…


I figured that I could not go wrong with the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine. Obviously both sets cash in on nostalgia factor… and do so quite successfully. The Mystery Machine is part of their normal line while the Ecto-1 is part of their Ideas line. Both sets are very nice and were a lot of fun to put together. The Scooby Doo set comes with a robot scary tree and a monster mini figure that is controlling the tree. The back of the van splits open to allow access to all the investigative tools in the back… like a giant sandwich.


The Ghostbusters set is really cool. It comes with all four of the Ghostbusters themselves, and a decent looking stand to put them all on. Ecto-1 itself is pretty impressive. As far as Lego vehicles go, it is BIG. My son has a couple of standard sized race cars, which are a little longer than the normal Lego commuter car, and Ecto-1 is probably twice as long as those race cars. It has lots of great details and took about 2 hours or so to put together.


I really enjoyed both builds and look forward to adding more really great pieces to the collection over time.

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