Things That Are Not Blood Bowl Or Mordheim…

I have to admit that I have not been doing much hobby related recently. I have had some things on the painting/building table though.  As the father of a three and a half year old, both Halloween and Legos have been big all around the house lately, including in my hobby/music room. I figured that since those things have taken up time and space in my hobby room, they might as well take up some time and space on my blog… so here we go!

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And Now For Something Completely Different!


Up to this point, this blog has focused pretty exclusively on table-top games and the miniatures that are used with these games. But now that I am the parent of a three and a half year old, Legos have entered the house in full force. On occasion I have used Lego pieces in making Mordheim terrain, but now we have plastic drawers full of Legos and a little guy who loves to spend seconds pulling apart pieces that daddy puts together over the course of a hour or more. Yea me… I have to admit though, I have started to have fun with the Legos too.

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