Jewel of July Painting Challenge Results


This month we decided to take part in Azazel’s Jewel of July painting challenge and the results are in!

I managed to finish first this month (yay me!) with my Forge World minotaur for my chaos renegades Blood Bowl Team. This is really a lovely model by Forge World. Great pose, really well cast, but not too many details that drive you crazy while painting. I really wanted this mini to stand out so I did a little extra work on my zenithal prime. After the prime I washed the whole model with nuln oil and then dry brushed it white. Then I went one step further I added more highlights with a white ink.

Then I went to town, using the same washes to do the blue and teal colors to match the rest of my chaos renegades, then I busted out my new Vallejo game inks to do the minotaurs skin.

And then I did my normal Blood Bowl basing style. I really like how this big guy turned out. In fact I was so jazzed I even did my converted dark elf. But that’s not really a “jewel,” I just wanted to show her off.

For Jeff’s “jewel” he painted up his impressive Flesh Eater Courts terrorgheist. He’s embellished the model with more stormcast bits to fit the theme of his army being a bunch of lunatics that think they’re stormcast eternals. I love the chain and shield on his neck, not only is he terrifying, he’s also got dat bling, yo.


Last, but certainly not least, Jason painted up Volturnos, High King of the Deep, for his Idoneth Deepkin army. He managed to knock out this stunning model despite spending some time on the road for his job. Jason also tried out a new technique by using an airbrush for the first time.

Well done everybody! Jeff continues to nail it on the photo department with his excellent backdrop. I need to up my game in that area. As for the month of August we’re each going to paint up a warband for Shadespire.

9 thoughts on “Jewel of July Painting Challenge Results

  1. Wow Caseyrog, nice work getting your Mino done. I’m jealous and happy for you at the same time! I was organizing boxes the other day, and there was my FW Mino, sitting in there with his brown base coat. Someday!

    How much left do you have left to do for the Chaos Renegades team? I remade my Chaos Renegades team for our next Fumbbl game, but it has gotten sidelined by Conan Exiles now. Someday!


      • Awesome. Yea, I used to paint 16 linemen and the positionals, now I just look back and laugh. Having kids made me reset my hobby time prioritization rather fast! Probably why I’m more crazy about painting 6 mini Necromunda teams lately too! 😉


  2. Exactly! Kids mean you’ve got to prioritize everything. I mean I’m doing 16 players for my underworld team, but that’s because I need the fodder for the pitch!


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