New Look WS&TZ

Since the blog seems to keep on plugging along, we decided to update with a fresh new banner. I reached out to my friend Dave (Skaldheim over at deviantart) to get his thoughts on the project and what his approach would be.

Drawing inspiration from the classic cover to Love and Rockets #1, he presented a lineup of diverse characters reflecting the varied projects we find ourselves diving into at Wyrd Stones and Tackle Zones. The blog started as a place to share Blood Bowl projects and events, so those characters take place in the heart with the norse lineman, witch elf, and troll slayer. Flanked by a wasteland warrior and a troll, the cast finds themselves caught in a tagged police line-up. Leaning into the independent spirit, Dave opted for the zip-a-tone/screentone shading style prevalent in the indy comics of the 80s and 90s. This is the same era that’s been pretty influential to most authors of the site, so was more than fitting.

Thanks again, Dave, for providing a fresh coat of paint for this old web log.

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