Roswell ’98: Thrill Hunters

Pivoting back over to my near apocalyptic setting for Gaslands and Zona Alfa, I was able to work on and trick up a few vehicles for the third gang to ride into the badlands…the Thrill Hunters.

This gang was designed around the latest Copplestone Casting offering for Gaslands through Northstar Miniatures, the Bootleggers. Obviously, they’re inspired by the Gasland sponsor, Rusty’s Bootleggers. The untimely reveal of these models around the unfortunate events of January 6th on the US Capitol, left a strong imprint of nationalists in my mind. Not a terrible faction for a post-apocalyptic setting, but maybe not as fun as cultists and punks for a little imaginary play and escapism.

So, I’ve made a game attempt to rehab the models for my table with a re-theming. As this project is also an outlet for inspirational genre media, I’ve re-positioned this faction more as monster hunters and adrenaline junkies in the vein of Burt Gummer (the Tremors franchise) and Tallahassee (Zombieland). With all the weirdness around Roswell in 1998, it’s become quite the attraction for those looking to experience life on the edge and make some extra cash from whatever they can pull out of the badlands.

Continuing to make use of the Greenlight 1:64 car range, I sought out a few vehicles that I thought would exude excitement and thrills. Coming across both a 1974 Bigfoot and a 1991 Jeep Wrangler with flames detailed over the hood was perfect. They also meet my requirement of being vehicle models released in 1998 or prior. Again, the aim of my Gaslands table is more like the first Mad Max, a few slight vehicle upgrades, not the gonzo-ness of something like Fury Road. So, I try to limit the conversions to only one or two extra additions. We can see the Copplestone drivers fit very well in these Greenlight vehicles.

As with the other gangs, I’ve got a larger truck, a midsize, and a motorcycle of sorts. For the Bigfoot bed weapon I went with a large harpoon. Perfect for spearing and dragging graboids and other large critters with. For the Jeep, some sort of tubed projectile launcher. Maybe some tubes have large tranq darts, others nets, maybe a few legit rockets. Both have front rams necessary to plow through zombies, xenomorphs, or to knock out graboids.

For the trike, I’ve gone with another Citadel Dark Future vehicle, still the best option for motorcycles at this scale. The trike has a flat section in the back and another harpoon fit perfectly. I opted to go with a helmeted rider with a classic aviator look. Being exposed out on the trike he’s going with more protection than the truck and jeep riders. In my mind, he’s the more disciplined Burt Gummer-type of this set. Perhaps even coordinating the group on their runs.

I did add a few flame transfers to the trike that I had from the Blood Bowl Shambling Undead transfer set. It’s not much, but I can’t freehand flames like that, so it works for me. All along, I model for Rule of Cool, so even if these vehicles are actually equipped with machine guns or what not for games of Gaslands, I want them to _look_ like they have tools for big game hunting. Obviously, Rusty’s Bootleggers is the sponsor to use these models with, except liquor they’re smuggling and trading in monster parts and recovered alien debris.

Another ride for cash and glory into the badlands of Roswell ’98.

4 thoughts on “Roswell ’98: Thrill Hunters

    • Thanks! Yeah, that Dark Future trike was a joy to finally paint. If anything, this project is spurring me to work on these classic models and bring them back into the limelight a little. That’d be great to see the work others do on these 20mm street warrior sculpts.


  1. Thanks for sharing these. I love the nostalgia of that old Dark Future biker, and I really love the evident enthusiasm you have for this project. Keep up the good work; I love vicariously enjoying your trip through the late 90s dystopia.


    • Thanks!
      I was attempting whole, complete gangs at a time, but I think I might do all the vehicles then come back to the members on foot.


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