Dragon Rampant: Clan of Cyclopes

Another wave of Covid has rippled through the house, so figured it was time to jump on that second Dragon Rampant warband. I expected this one to take two days as well, but it took a little under four hours so went ahead and put paint to an Elheim warlock figure as well.

The Cyclopes are a ~$10 box of 1:72 fantasy figures from Ukrainian manufacture Dark Alliance (I think Red Box is the company, but Dark Alliance the fantasy brand). The box came with 12 Cyclopes in four different poses. Mersey Suggests giants as 6pt Elite Foot Single Model Units in the Dragon Rampant rulebook, so four models is a full 24point warband.

Fielding a full DR army for about $10 (and having models to spare) is an amazing deal in these dark modern times. Gamers of another popular fantasy wargame are buying single Giant figures for $200? Will four of those complete an army?

My table gaming time is currently on the Blood Bowl pitch where I’m helping commish a six session league. Once that runs it’s course, I’m prioritizing some games of Dragon Rampant. To whet my appetite, above and below are photos of what my two current warbands would look like in action.

I’ve got a few other 1:72 armies I’m hoping to complete before that BB league wraps, so I’m hoping to have a few options to field.

6 thoughts on “Dragon Rampant: Clan of Cyclopes

    • Thanks! I didn’t know until this post that the plural of Cyclops had the ‘e’…Cyclopes. I thought it was going to be Cyclopi or something like Octopi for Octopus. Anyway, I’m enjoying doing some generic fantasy not tied to any specific setting.


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