Dragon Rampant: Spectral WarHost

The tail end of 2021 came to a halt as family tested positive for Covid-19. Thankfully, symptoms were mild and all are fine. The silver lining is that it seems one can get a lot of hobbying done when their house is quarantining…

Midway through 2021, I got the itch to get back into some fantasy gaming and went back and forth between 28mm or 20mm (1:72). I eventually decided on 1:72 as I’ll be the one providing the sides so needed models that didn’t require much assembly and were quick, easy to paint. Small storage footprint is also a consideration. 1:72 met all of those requirements. Plus, I was still on a high from having fun with my Roswell ’98 project in 1:72 (or is it 20mm? Are these two the same? I still don’t totally know.)

Expecting to work on this fantasy project in 2022, the quarantine time seemed the perfect opportunity to go ahead and see what painting a Dragon Rampant force would be like at this scale. Using only two boxes from RedBox’s Dark Alliance 1:72 line (Light Warriors of the Dead and Heavy Warriors of the Dead Cavalry) I was able to quickly paint up a more than complete retinue.

I knew when I was going 1:72 that I would incorporate the zombie dragon from the Castle Ravenloft boardgame. I always thought it was a bit undersized for 28mm. Even for 1:72 it could be a little bigger, but it’s very affordable to find online and is an undead dragon that works for this scale as a Warbeast or Single Model Unit.

The leader of the army is the Undead Knight from Elhiem’s recent 20mm fantasy range. Clearly he’s a nod to Lord Soth from Dragonlance fame. Well, I think he is. He’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the model. Either way, a fallen knight leading a host of spectral warriors to new glories appealed. Perhaps they’re not evil, but out to right a terrible wrong? Of course, there’s also the clear nod to the Army of the Dead from the Lord of the Rings. Being a hero model, I placed the knight on a larger base. I figure him for 3HPs and the three support models being 1HP apiece so they can function as a Reduced Model Unit of 6HPs.

Spectral Undead is not a typical army to start off a fantasy project with, but I was able to paint all this up in about two days and all under about $30. Seeing the whole host on display, there are plenty of options from cavalry, foot, missile and even warbeast units to choose from. I think the next Dragon Rampant army is also going to be another “Finish in a weekend” project. It looks like I can get stuck into some fantasy battles a lot quicker than anticipated.

8 thoughts on “Dragon Rampant: Spectral WarHost

    • Thank you! I figure they’ll be flexible to use as skeletons, or zombies, or what not as well. I mean, even as ‘normal’ humans if I need a dark age army in a pinch.

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    • Thanks! I had considered blue instead of green to better match the colors of the undead knight, but I thought green would be more obvious as ghost since everyone has the LotR Army of the Dead as a mental reference.


    • Thank you. There is a little flash on some of the figures, but the goal was to do this army in two days or less. See if it could be done. Plus, I’ll just handwave the flash as spectral detritus around them or maybe part of the disfigurement cause by death in battle? Heh, either way it’s more noticeable in the photos, not really seen at all at arms length on the table.


    • Dragon, and Lion, Rampant have recharged my desire to do mid/large size skirmish battles. I should do a battle report the next time I play. Got a bunch of Blood Bowl in the queue at the moment though…


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