Blood Bowl Time!

That’s right! It’s Blood Bowl time for our gaming group. It has actually been a while since I played Blood Bowl face to face in a group. I have only played the video game for the last several years so this should be an interesting experience. All I know is that I have never actually managed to beat Jeff in Blood Bowl so if I can manage to do that this season then there is no reason for me to keep playing as I will have accomplished all my Blood Bowl goals. šŸ™‚

Anyway, the point of this post is to show off my custom printed Blood Bowl pitch. Since Games Workshop has decided that the Blood Bowl boxed set is now worth near $100, few people are actually buying new sets these days… Big shock. Anyway, I still have my original 3rd Edition set but no one else in my group had a pitch to use. So I scoured the interwebs and found a site with high res pitch images and I have a really good friend in the wide format printing business. Put the two together and you end up with this!


Not too bad for free.


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