Yep, more Mordheim…


Time for a new project. I have liked the idea of a “bridge house” for quite a while. I came across an image of a really great piece years ago that made me fall in love with the idea. This is actually the third time I have started a piece like this over the years. I have never actually finished one yet but I am determined to complete this one. I have several other ideas spinning around my head but I refuse to pursue them until I actually manage to finish this one. I figure if I post info about it online that maybe somehow that will motivate me to finish it.

The bottom floor has a brick pattern all the way around and the upper floors are regular foam core. Both sections of the building will have a flat roof for additional space for minis to occupy. This piece will not be as tall as many of my other pieces, but what it lacks in height it makes up for in horizontal space. This piece is 9 inches deep and a whopping 15 inches long. What can I say… I like them big. 🙂




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