Mordheim Ruined Building 3 Complete


OK, so here it is, finally finished. Getting to the finish line on this piece was a little rougher than I expected. I just never was overly happy with any of the ideas I came up with to mount the lookout platform on top of the roof. This is the only downside to not over planning everything. When you fly by the seat of your pants, you run into small issues here and there. I finally just ended up breaking out my razor saw and sawing the very top corner flat and gluing the lookout platform to that. It works well enough, and I can live with it. I also really wanted to finish this piece up because I have lots of ideas for the next piece(s), so in the end I just needed to get this piece off of the construction table.

I try to give each building a slightly unique feel so this piece has a stone wall first floor, and the roof tiles were painted to match the wood instead of the slate gray I usually go with. The next couple of pieces will probably get red tiled roofs, or maybe a thatched roof or two.


I hope this piece works well on the tabletop. There is at least one way into the building on each side of the first floor, one way per side up to the second floor and central ladders for the third floor and lookout platform.




A beaten foe’s head on the spike?


This was a cloak for a mini that I thought looked good as a tattered and worn banner.

Let me know what you think!

1 thought on “Mordheim Ruined Building 3 Complete

  1. Nice, I’d love to have some proper Mordheim terrain like this but lacking storage space. Always good though to see terrain being built as an inspiration to create or paint a few pieces of my own, even if in smaller scale.


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