Catching up on news: UK Games Expo


I was out on vacation last week so I’m still catching up on gaming news, but last Friday Games Workshop casually dropped a couple of tidbits for us from the UK Games Expo. Warhammer Community buried the lead but I won’t …




And that’s a new box set is coming out for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game in the form of The Lord of the Rings: Battle of Pelennor Fields! Those in the know have been expecting an updated rules set for The Hobbit SBG/LotR SBG this year under the new title of Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, but I wasn’t expecting a box set! Middle-Earth product manager Adam Troke has hinted on Warhammer Live about the possibility of Middle-Earth products making a return to Warhammer stores in the future or maybe doing a box set, but this is outstanding news!

Last month at Warhammer Fest the team showed off some new sculpts coming from Forge World that will no doubt coincide with Battle of Pelennor Fields, these are Hurin the Tall, a noble from Gondor who helped marshal the city’s defenses alongside Prince Imrahil and Gandalf while Denethor was deceased and Faramir indisposed, and Ingold Warden of the Ramas Echor. Also shown at Warhammer Fest were the new and awesome looking Knights of Dol Amroth on foot that will be coming from Forge World as well. All of these guys will have had a part in the Battle of Pelennor Fields, but as they are due to come out from Forge World will be in the new box.


For evil, Guritz (the skull head guy) and Gothmog’s enforcer were shown off as well as the goblin mercenaries from The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies. Again these are Forge World models and the goblin mercenaries will definitely not be a part of Battle of Pelennor Fields as they were in the Battle of Five Armies. So many battles.

What will be in the new box set? We can only speculate for now. The battle’s participants included Gondor, the Fiefdoms, Rohan and Army of the Dead on the side of Good, while for Evil it was Mordor, Harad, Easterlings and Corsairs of Umbar (no doubt someone will correct me on the particulars of this list). I think it will most likely be Gondor and Mordor in the box set. Will they be old sculpts or something new? While GW is known to throw older sculpts into a boxed game, it’s usually that. A one-off box game like Gangs of Commoragh or Shadow War: Armageddon. My money is on new plastic sculpts, GW’s plastic models have come a long way since the early ’00s when the Lord of the Rings line came out. It would be nice to see the classics from the films get some updates. Surely there will be some hero characters in there as well, Gandalf the White maybe? Or a plastic Prince Imrahil? He’s a personal favorite of Adam. Maybe the Witch King of a new Gothmog so the Gothmog’s enforce can have someone to enforce for?


The next big news in my eyes was the reveal of the minis for the next Necromunda gang, House Cawdor! Cawdor was my gang back in the days of old Necromunda, I was attraced to the hoods (I love a good hoodie) and masks and religious extremity of the gang. I named my gang after these guys because, well, I was 15 …


I previously mentioned I was concerned about the look of these guys based on the concept art, looking too much likes scavvies or ratmen but in the end I think they turned out pretty good. I particularly like the guy with the circular saw axe/maul/thing. I’ve seen a lot of people grumble about the lack of hoods as the original gang had a lot of them, but this line seems to have been skipped over from the Warhammer Community post.

Like the other plastic gang sets, the Cawdor gang is jam-packed with customisation options, from esoteric wargear like heavy crossbows to incendiary charges and a variety of hoods, heads and accessories. We’d be very surprised if Forge World didn’t have some upgrade sets up their sleeves, too…

Yeah, a variety of hoods and heads. Will I make them my gang? Possibly, though I still really like the new Escher as well.


New cards are coming for Shadespire. Just cards! That’s right, GW is releasing a cardset without any figures that focuses on upgrades for leaders. Ploys, upgrades and objectives designed around leaders for all the existing factions. Should be interesting.

Age of Sigmar


The new Nighthaunt army will feature three named leaders and GW teased us with the first. Kurdoss Valentian, the Craven King aka the Mortarch of Grief. Looks like he has a comfy chair. I think the Blanchitsu crowd is going to have fun with the wraiths on either side of his throne as the Carrion Wraith is a popular model to use as the base of a conversion. But who are those two shaded characters? The one on the right looks like some sort of banshee character while the character on the left looks to be mounted on a winged steed with a scythe. Something like the Knight of Shrouds maybe?

Warhammer 40,000


Oh, this looks lovely. A new sculpt for the Genestealer Cult aberrant. Previously only available in the Deathwatch Overkill boxed game, these guys will get their own release, I was beginning to lose faith we’d see them get a separate release. The Genestealer Cultists got rules for Necromunda in the March 2018 White Dwarf so this will help make them be a more accessible faction to play with. And he might not be alone, Warhammer Community teases. Even more GSC releases would be awesome, the current models are an amazing source of bits and fantastic models on their own.

Oh and some more codexes coming out.

4 thoughts on “Catching up on news: UK Games Expo

  1. I’m interested to see what’s in the new LotR box. Is it an official new starter box for the line? A new set of mass combat rules? I doubt it’s another box in the Warmaster LotR series like the hard to obtain Battle of Five Armies.

    Like the rest of the new Necromunda line, the new Cawdor look fantastic. I’m almost, almost at the point where I want to go all in and get a box of each of the new gangs. With ‘big guys’ and ‘pets’ on the way, combined with th very cool mercenaries we’ve seen, nuNecromunda looks incredible.

    I’m a big fan of the FEC attitude of doing their own thing and not being part of Nagash’s plans or even playing nice with the Death GA in general…but it means we don’t ally with others much. So…no Nighthaunt for Lord Maulheart so far… :/


  2. The new LotR box will be the new official starter box for the line, which is being rebranded Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, it will be a tweak and update of the Hobbit Strategy Battle Game rules. It won’t be a mass combat rules, those were called War of the Ring back in the day and by all accounts it had its fans but was also flawed. It’s definitely not a standalone warmaster scale Battle of Five Armies set.

    NuNecromunda! Let’s do it!


  3. I’m with ya, on the Cawdor. Really looking forward to them. Hope you’re right on some hooded options. Also hoping to see more Genestealers, as I’d be interested in building a Necro gang at some point.


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