What’s this? GW Dark Elves spotted in the wild

I’m not sure how this guy received the new Dark Elf Blood Bowl team from Games Workshop, but he’s got an unboxing up on YouTube. It’s in French, so I don’t know exactly what he’s saying put he shows the sprues and built minis for the 3x linemen, runner, blitzer and witch elf. He shows a Necromunda Van Saar box at the beginning of the video, maybe he’s trying to say he bought a Van Saar gang and the Dark Elves were inside? Perhaps he received a review copy but broke the street date?

Feel free to check it out, I’d like to note this is not an official Wyrd Stones & Tackle Zones unboxing and the work is not our own.

11 thoughts on “What’s this? GW Dark Elves spotted in the wild

  1. Just in case the men in black are listening I deny watching this video! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Man, if the guy was smart, I bet he could’ve Ebay’d that for $300!


  2. I do like the look of the team, especially the dragon skin cloaks, but I the witch elf pose is just not doing it for me. I’ll be sticking with the iron golems team I think.


  3. He also says that one of the lineman is a girl (the one with long hair) and you have the choice between 2 heads for each lineman


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