Warcry: The Corpsewrack Mausoleum Unboxing


The hype-train has finally pulled into the station!  Well. some of the train has.  I made the mistake of pre-ordering Warcry directly from GW so I don’t have the game in hand, but I was able to pick up some sweet terrain for the game with the Corpsewrack Mausoleum!


This is by no means new terrain as the Corpsewrack Mausoleum has also gone by the name of the Garden of Moor and the Sigmarite Mausoleum over the years.  Interesting enough, this set contains the full set of terrain as the other sets but also includes Warcry tokens, terrain cards, and a terrain board.   CORRECTION: On further review the sigmarite Mausoleum gives you two more sprues. One additional base set and one more gate sprue. All that for nothing extra seems like a good deal!


There are only a total of seven sprues of terrain with four duplicate pieces.  this gives you plenty of terrain and wall pieces to work with.

The Mausoleum bases give you some nice substance to the inside of the crypts and some good details to have around them with various flagstones and exposed tombs.

Nothing too fancy on the crypts themselves.  If you haven’t noticed by now, this set is going to give you plenty of practice when it comes to painting skulls!  Of course you could always paint them stone colored to speed up painting.

The main gate is a good sturdy piece of plastic and gives you the option to have the gates opened or closed.

Simple instructions to get your terrain setup.  No special rules for the terrain.

A token sheet that appears to be the same offered in the Warcry set.  An additional set of wound markers may come in handy if you are playing a warband that has a large number of warriors or lots of wounds like the Orruks.


The board is perhaps the best part of this set.  The unique side is a well detailed snow landscape.  If you play Kill Team I think this set would be perfect for doing futuristic combat on a crypt-world of the far distant grim future.


The flip side lines up with the board available in the core set to allow you to setup some four-player mayhem!  Also would be a great board for Kill Team for a fallen Imperium world perhaps?

Final component is a total of 36 terrain setup cards.  What is interesting is that some of the cards have you using the terrain from the box game along with this set.  This was a surprise as I was expecting the cards to just use this set alone.  This may be an issue if you skipped the box set, but if you didn’t it really adds some variety to game setup and the walls offered in this set offer some very interesting terrain options.


I was able to get this from a FLGS with a nice pre-order discount which put it below retail after taxes.  Despite having a few less sprues, and the additional terrain options for Warcry are certainly worth it.

Have you boarded the Warcry hype-train?  Any plans for future purchases?  Let is know in the comments below.

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