Pitch, Please: A Wood Elf Pitch Unboxing


Another wood elf related unboxing! Yesterday arrived my new wood elf Blood Bowl pitch from Games Workshop. Not a lot to say about the box, but there’s the front of it. More pics after the break.


And here’s the back! Let’s open it up.


The main side of the board is a lush and verdant summer pitch. It features tree roots as sideline and halfway lines and stone steps instead of trap doors. Lining the pitch are leafy trees that surely provide some nice shade to fans attending the match. The optional rules for the summer pitch are every model is allowed to Go For It an extra square. Which means the wood elf catchers with the Sprint skill can Go For It four times!


It’s got nice little details like a beastman skull to represent the classic enmity between the sylvan folk and the brayherds. There is of course the squished goblin, and a bittergrub thing as seen on the branchwych model.


The flip side is my favorite. Autumn is my favorite season of the year and this fall-themed pitch doesn’t disappoint. The grass is a little more subdued and the leaves have changed to a golden orange. Sprites have started to come out and flitter about the pitch, representing the calm of the season. The rule for the autumn side is a -1 to armor rolls when making block or foul actions and a +1 to rolls to see if KO’d players come back to the match, basically free Bloodweiser kegs for each team.

The fall side has its own nice details too. I particularly like the leaves forming around the fallen goblin.

The dugouts match the boards of course and they have some subtle differences. The summer dugout has the decapitated minotaur head laying on the big tree stump. My chaos renegades’ mino had better watch out! Speaking of chaos renegades, it’s a dream of mine for Games Workshop to produce a board for them as well.

If you’ve got the team and the pitch, you might as well have the dice to go with it! The dice are designed to have a wooden look. They kind of look a little coppery to me, but I supposed it could be really well polished wooden dice. The symbols are in a bright lime green, easy enough for me to read, but I wonder if color-blind players would struggle? The symbol on the “6” of the d6 is an Orion symbol, I really like that it matches the token from the team set. I’ve yet to actually roll them to see how they perform in Nuffle’s eyes. If our local league has another season, I hope for them to get some play time as I plan to use the woodies next.

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