Tutorial: Basing Warcry


WSTZ James asked how I did the bases for my Splintered Fang, so I thought I’d write up a tutorial for you all in case you want to follow along at home. It’s rather simple.

Start by doing a couple dollops of Stirland Mud and let it dry a little bit, not completely, but enough so the next step doesn’t smear together. This is the key to getting some big cracks out of the crackle paint. The two paints have different drying times which helps pull apart the cracks as they dry.

Then apply a thick layer of Agrellan Earth all over and all it to dry.

Next do a single wash with by combining agrax earthshade and seraphim sepia. I also added secret weapon stone. Allow them to mix together a little while still wet. This is one layer of wash, not one over the other.
Allow the washes to dry and then drybrush with Vallejo Model Color Pale Sand.
Then apply a drop of super glue and add an Army Painters Mountain Tuft or two.

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