Warcry: Splintering Some Fangs


It’s been a while since my last post finishing up my wood elf team for Blood Bowl, I haven’t been idle, I’ve just been lousy about blogging. In the mean time I’ve painted up a warband of Warcry! Like the rest of my WSTZ compatriots I was smitten by the release of Warcry. Seeing all the warbands made especially for the setting of the Eight Points really got my blood pumping, but one in particular got my venom pumping.


That’s right the Splintered Fang! I really like their gladiatorial look that also seems to mix in some elements from the Idoneth Deepkin, I feel like the greaves and and shinguards resemble those on the Deepkin.

The other thing that drew me toward my new poisonious pals was the first ever chaotic elf miniature! Yes, we’ve had high elves, wood elves, space elves and dark elves. But never before have we had a chaos elf. I apologize for the work-in-progress status of some of the photos as they were snapped to show progress to my buddies, they weren’t initially intended for publication 🙂

WSTZJames kindly sent me a bottle of the Green Stuff World Chameleon Color Shift paints, which turned out to be Royal Burgundy. It kind of has a reddish-greenish hue to it. Not owning an airbrush yet, I initially tried applying the paint by brush. Experts will vouch that this is not the best way to apply color shift paints to minis, but it’s all I was able to do at the time. It took many layers, and it may be due to the scaled tabard texture I was applying to, it’s pretty hard to see the shift happen.

Eventually I got the bug to buy an airbrush which slowed the project down a little. First I had to wait for the airbrush to arrive. Then I had to break a part while learning to use it. Then wait for the replacement part. Then break a piece off inside the compressor while installing the replacement part and finally waiting for the manufacturer to send me a whole new compressor and regulator. Whew! Then I tried airbrushing the color shift paint on and I’m still not convinced I did a great job on it.

As for the rest of the paint scheme, I went with a red and lime green paint job, trying to tie in to the color shift paint look, but again I’m still not sold on it. The hues kind of clash in my eyes, but well the project is done, so there’s no looking back now!

I tried for a variety of skin tones in the warband as chaos seems a pretty inclusive bunch and the Splintered Fang hail from the Realm of Life so it makes sense they would be a little more tan and darker skin tone than perhaps say the Realm of Shadow. I find painting dark skin tones to be easier for me than pale ones, perhaps I should just stick with that in the future then!

I’ve gotten a couple of games of Warcry in since buying the warband, it seems like a pretty fun game. Quite a bit quicker and faster than other skirmish wargames and that’s OK with me. I look forward to the new Tome of Champions annual that was just released. I think it’s new injury and progression system will give us all a bit more reason to play campaign mode.

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