Under the Brush: Glorfindel on Asfaloth


Happy New Year! I hope you are all doing well and looking forward to another year of hobbies! I had intended to get this model done to be my last model for 2019, but things didn’t pan out that way, so now it has the honor of being my first model for 2020!

I’ve had this conversion for Glorfindel on Asfaloth for my Rivendell army for Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game setting around in my paint queue for well over a year. I was getting ready to prime another model and figured, hey I might as well another model so no primer goes to waste in my airbrush. On a whim, I grabbed Glorfindel. As you can see, I went the route of a head swap on the mounted Elrohir model. I also repositioned the sword arm to give the two models a little more visual variety.



For the color scheme I decided to match this painted model which I received in a big elf lot I got off eBay when I first started playing MESBG. I thought the paint job was pretty good as well as the basing, so no need to strip. It also fit in line with the color scheme I had been planning for my elves. I’ve got for bronze armor on most of my elves, but as Glorfindel has the Armor of Gondolin option in his profile, golden armor would help distinguish him from the crowd.

I gave Glorfindel a zenithal prime as is my usual method of painting and priming minis. This time though, I used my new airbrush. I’m still getting the hang of the new tool but so far the results have been much smoother than using spray cans. After the prime I gave him a wash of Nuln Oil and a drybrush of Vallejo Model Color Pale Sand.

Painting the mini itself went rather quickly using my methods of inks and washes. The silver was done using my new Vallejo Metal Color metallics, Dark Aluminum with a Nuln Oil Wash and Silver drybrush. The gold is GW Liberator Gold, washed with Reikland Flesh Shade and drybrushed with Griffon Gold. The skin was Contrast Gulliman flesh, the blue a couple layers of Drakenhof Nightshade, the browns Vallejo Game Ink sepia and brown, the white on Glorfindel and Asfaloth is Contrast Apothecary White. The hooves were down in black ink and blended up with Nuln Oil while the mane and tail were done with a gray artist ink. The handle of Glorfinde’s sword is Scale 75 Inktense Wood ink.

I’m looking foward to using Glorfindel soon at our next Middle-earth meet up, although last time I used him he got smacked down by Boromir. Painted minis play better though right? I’m sure he’ll get the job down this time.

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