Warhammer Underworlds: Grand Alliance – Order

I recently knocked out three Order warbands for Warhammer Underworlds. The Farstriders, The Condemnors and The Chosen Axes. All three were a little on hold until I could replenish my green static grass supply. The grass came in, so the minis are done. Just in time to help build a little momentum here at the beginning of the New Year.

Continuing my Age of Sigmar principals of 1) using helmets whenever possible and 2) going with non-earth skin tones (inspired by Masters of the Universe) when appropriate, these three warbands were a trio I could quickly paint under those guidelines.

Thankfully, Game Workshop provides helmet options for a lot of their Stormcast Eternal models so Ironsoul here didn’t require any sort of conversion. I really like the full-helmeted Stormcast look and have grown to appreciate the models in this faction.

The Chosen Axes here, I went with grey skin for a few reasons (one mentioned above), but the main one being that I’ve previously painted a set of these fellas for a friend and going with typical dwarf skin I didn’t feel the embedded Ur-Gold popped enough. I wanted those inlaid runes to pop more and hoped the gold against grey would do the trick. I think it worked and the added white bracers helped distinguish the motion of the arms during play at a table-top distance. I really like the way these models came out.

So, that’s three warband down to start off the new year which is great, because I sorta have a resolution this year. One that I’m sure every hobbyist strives for….paint all the models. I’m really hoping to have 100% of my collection painted by the end of the year, even if that means shipping out unpainted models. I hope to blog more about this in detail in the coming weeks, but it causes me a little anxiety thinking about the work that lies ahead.

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