Blitz Bowl: The Dwarf Team

I recently finished up the last Blitz Bowl team that I was able to wrap in paint in the dark year of 2020…the Dwarves. Dwarves have always been one of those fantasy races that I admire, even appreciating the gruff mirth of their player base, yet they’ve never really gripped me personally. I didn’t have a strong opinion going into this team on what their scheme would be. Initially, I thought I’d take another whack at a bright second edition style kit, as I did with the humans. In the end, I wound up looking back to a team from my gaming past. A lazy crutch of mine?

In the halcyon summer of 2017, I hosted a gaming weekend for some buddies and ran a themed Dreadball tournament for which we all had prepped teams for. I worked up some tickets to the event that I emailed out via snail mail and the event was a lot of creative fun on my end. Anyone interested in days of gaming past can see a post I did about this at my old blog…The Pit.

Anyway, one way or another I coached a Brokker team. Space Dwarves. At the time I was also heavily influence by Italian junkshop glam band, Giuda. Their 2013 album, “Let’s Do it Again” is a masterpiece in my opinion and the cd is still seeing heavy rotation.

The theme of the album is pretty much the classic James Caan film, Rollerball. A great concept for a 70s rock inspired band to pick up on.

Inspired by all of this, I went with dark colors, but yellow ring on the sleeves. Mantic’s Brokkers have always been ethnically diverse which was another good fit. This was an easy enough color scheme to use as I basically just kept the same grey shade as the primer, so a little yellow, a wash, and some transfers, and the Glamrokk Systems Dynamo were founded.

In Blood Bowl and Blitz Bowl, I like to name the teams with the [location] [mascot] convention. For Dreadball I used [corporation] [mascot] for all my teams. Unfortunately, the Dynamo didn’t do very well in their first, and only tournament.

Brining us back to 2020 and the Blitz Bowl dwarves…I’m not sure if they’re going to take the field as the [location] Dynamo or not. Dynamo is also a name I like for an ogre team, a team I feel a little more excitement for. Names aside, I picked the old Dynamo color scheme for my Blitz Bowl team for a few reasons. First, it’s pretty straightforward it looked like something I could forge between holiday preparations. Second, with the way the new GW contrast yellow paint sort of pools up orange, I was hoping that the bright yellow and orange would contrast with the dark grays so they’d look like little, well, forges. And Finally, there’s no white or silver on them at all. Two colors I felt like I was relying a little too much on for my BzB teams.

Of the three positional players, the runner ended up my favorite by a bunch. In fact, this model is the one that’s given me a little stronger emotional connection with the team. I wanna see him stiff arming his way into endzones.

On linedwarf #4 we can see how that orange pools up at the bottom of the back plate, giving all of the dwarves the look of hot fire under their numbers.

A promo shot of the team captain here with the standard team token and coin.

This puts me at nine painted BzB teams for the year. Add in a few NPCs I’ve also done, and I put paint to about 60 models during the pandemic. Much like 2017, 2020 was to see another weekend gathering, but this time Blitz Bowl would have featured. Unlike 2017’s Dreadball event, I’m expecting Blitz Bowl to see many, many more events going forward. And perhaps it’ll be one of these future events where the Dynamo, or ascendant franchise, will rise forth from the furnaces and hold high the cup.

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