Is that underworld? No, it snot … lings: Unboxing Underworld Denizens + Snotlings

Please excuse the terrible pun in the headline, I originally intended this to be a bonus unboxing to my treeman post, but that post started to get a little long so I decided to make this a separate one. I went to pick up the treeman I preordered on Black Friday and since the store was having a little sale I decided to browse around. You may recall I previously made an underworld denizens team, and to be honest I was really happy with the way it turned out, even though I found painting the pink to be a total chore. But playing them in my local league wasn’t so fun so I sold them off. When the official underworld denizens box came out this spring my curiosity got piqued again. How would the addition of a gutter runner change the team? And then my curiosity got piqued even more when the Blood Bowl Second Season rulebook got leaked over the summer. Additional snotlings that you can sneak onto the pitch? A choice of troll or rat ogre? I’ve also been playing underworld in a league online with Jeff, James and some other friends, which has also added fuel to the fire.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but both the underworld denizens and old world alliance boxes have disappeared from the Games Workshop website. It’s possible they’ll come back with newly printed team rosters inside them like the rest of the teams, but I got worried they will be gone forever. Now, there’s nothing unique about the underworld denizens box, it’s just one sprue of skaven and one sprue of goblins, no new models here, but it does include a new set of transfers. As much as I hate applying transfers, I really really like the transfers for the underworld team. The typeface for the numbers is great and I love all the little symbols.

Which takes us back to me browsing my friendly local game store on Black Friday. It just so happened they had boxes of both underworld and snotlings on the shelf. I carried them around the store for a while and hemmed and hawed about whether I would buy them or not. Eventually, I caved. But hey, you get an unboxing out of it! This will be pretty quick though as I haven’t assembled any of the models yet because I’m still thinking over how I want to convert them because I simply can’t resist converting my models a little bit.

You’ve probably seen this before, but here’s the skaven sprue, front and back. Look at all them flimsy tails.

And you get two of the mini sprues of goblins which is enough to build six of the little buggers. Remember when GW uses to see the little pack of 6x goblins? Ah, how time flies by.

Fret not, the box includes instructions for both goblins and skaven in one little booklet.

Now here’s the good stuff, those sweet, sweet transfers. Look at those creepy eye glyphs! Actually, those might be really good for my Tzeentch themed chaos renegades team. Hmm … ideas!

And now the even littler buggers. Or should I call them boogers? Because they’re snotlings! Get it? The snotlings are also on those smaller sprues and include like 9x snotlings on each one, I think. There’s two identical sprues there of course.

The snotlings roster allows for two snotling pump wagons to be rolled onto the pitch to wreck as much havoc as possible before being spotted by the ref. Again 2x identical mini sprues to build the pump wagons. I think some of the snotlings that hang onto the pump wagon are actually on the snotling sprues, so keeo your eye out for that.

And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for, the bases. There’s only two of the normal Blood Bowl bases here and those are for the pump wagons. The snotlings go on 25mm bases because they’re so tiny. There’s over 20 of the 25mm sizes though so you should have some spare. Now that’s got me wondering if the gnoblars from the ogre kit go on 25mm bases as well … hmm.

3 thoughts on “Is that underworld? No, it snot … lings: Unboxing Underworld Denizens + Snotlings

  1. Nice unboxing. How’ve you been doing with your Underworld team? I only played them a bit in the 2016 rules, but mainly lost over and over. Those decals are really sweet, though not tempting enough for me to buy another box. Really wish GW would sell the decals separately sometimes.


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