Roswell ’98: Get a New President!

There was an accident. About an hour ago, a small jet went down inside the Roswell Zone. The President was on board…

“The president of what?” is the obvious response from any self respecting ganger in 1998 Roswell, NM. When I saw the above 3D printed terrain piece available from the same Etsy seller that I bought the crashed UFO from, it was an auto-buy for multiple reasons.

Obviously, a wrecked plane being a call back to Escape From New York, having one strewn about on my table adds to the homage feel I’m going for. Additionally, I’m always pretty cognizant of storage and shoot for collecting terrain that fits in Really Useful Boxes.

Requesting this terrain for 20mm/Gaslands scale guaranteed a fit inside a 4 liter RUB. These sort of terrain items can also be bought for 28mm, but I don’t know if that would fit inside. RUBs are something I’ve recently moved my storage into, gluing a magnetic sheet on the bottom so that my washer based minis easily stick inside without moving around. I’ve been able to fit more minis in less space with this solution.

Anyway, back to the plane. It does have the same sort of 3D printed lines that I didn’t care for on the crashed UFO, but I think my issues are a little overblown. It’s easy to see these lines when painting, but at arms length, during game play, they fade away. I don’t think they’ll be that much of an issue. There are a few other 3D printed items I’ve got my eye on at this scale, but I think I’ve got enough for the moment, so will move on to some more hostiles next.

Speaking of hostiles, it looks like our Driver here didn’t stumble upon the plane’s black box, but a hive nest. Lookout, Driver!

I picked up a copy of Wargames Illustrated last year that had transfers for a Judge Dredd minis game. These were used only on the back pieces of the plane, so if I wanted a more clean, or recent, wreck I could just use the front four pieces. Originally, I was going to just use generic phrases that any Roswell ganger might tag living under the hopeless shadow of the Y2K bug, and not be too 2000AD specific, but Chopper gotta do his thing.

For the plane’s colors, I basically went with zenithal priming, added the yellow/red/organge colors of Southwest Airlines (what else?) to the tail, touched a few interior pieces with color, and added some agrax earthshade washes to dirty it up. It was a very easy job, but I think effective enough. Yeah, this isn’t Air Force One, but this was easy to paint up and generic terrain is best, imo.

The Renegade hasn’t found “the President” either. Nothing but hive infestations out here in the badlands of Roswell ’98.

6 thoughts on “Roswell ’98: Get a New President!

  1. Nice looking terrain bits there! I guess I was mistaking Gaslands for a post-Apoc Car game. There must be some mini/skirmish rules to it?

    Didn’t realize Really Useful Boxes had the acronym, RUB. Haha! I haven’t had much luck getting magnet sheets to stick to any of my plastic boxes. Though I’m really picky about making sure my BB minis aren’t going to budge. My best
    solution has been some thick magnetic tape, that comes in flat bars (the rolled tapes end up lifting). They work, but they are way more spendy than the other stuff. Do you glue on your sheets or is the adhesive on the back good enough?

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