Under the Brush: Cleavedhead Barrows pt. 6 – Penalty Flag on the Final Drive!


So despite how it seems I actually did ‘finish’ this project the month after my last update. ‘Finishing’ this project actually started the beginning of a very productive time that saw me shy away from posting in favor of feverishly working on hobby projects like a mad scientist.  That lasted until the world ended in 2020 and now I’m a year behind schedule on getting updates published.  Anyhow, enough of my rambling and on to the near end of this never ending project!


So as promised I knocked out the last skeleton, a couple of coaching staff and a random star player model that had been sitting in foam for many years. Up first we have the last of the skeleton lineman.

Now this model is a Pedro Ramos sculpt but it was not part of the Vortice team. I’m not sure what he made it for but the style was similiar to the Vortice team so I went with it. The model is decent although a bit on the small side. He fits in well with the rest of the team though which is most important. It gives me a total of three skeletons to field if I wish. Under 2016 rules skeletons weren’t popular but I still enjoy having them on the team for that extra speed.

The coach and assistant coach where simple paint jobs. The coach is from Heresy Miniatures and is a nice sinister looking model. I figured a spooky robed individual needs a butler/assistant coach to keep his thirst at bay so the clock-work butler got called up.

The werewolf I received years ago when I backed a Norse team from MK1881. The model was a late edition to the Kickstarter as a reward and it ended up being the only model I kept from the team. I wasn’t going for anything particular for the color scheme nor was I interested in matching my undead color. I actually mostly wanted to practice using a contrast paint over metallic paint to see how it worked. Although the pictures hide it the armor is red contrast painted over metallic silver. I tried for a dirty white fur but it ended up being more of a dirty sand color. Anyhow, I called the project complete, packed it up in foam, and dove on into the next big thing.

As fate is cruel though it turns out GW wished to fleece its customers by adding subtle changes to teams as they get released. This change-up means my finished project is now a couple of players short! Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in again…

sheet guy

So I can’t really be mad about the change.  I honestly never bought into the Necromatic team design because they were similar enough to the Undead but not varied enough to seem like a different team. I don’t know if this new position will make the team great, but it at least makes it different enough to not seem like a poor facsimile.  The problem for me now though is what to use for these new players.  Using the GW option is out.  Besides painting the socks in team colors I’m not sure how to get them to match the team colors.  Making the sheet brown or orange would also not look good in my opinion.  I don’t really care for the run-away clothesline look of the models either as it wouldn’t fit with the serious nature of the team.  After much deliberation and a desire to blow cash I think I now have an idea.  

sheet guy 2

 I have thrown my lot in with the Bladgeist Revenants. First, the model looks serious so no laundry floating around the field.  Second, they are dynamically posed and should make for some good action shots.  Finally, there is enough material variety to work in uniform colors and still maintain an otherworldly appearance.  There is the small matter of removing the two handed swords, but with a box of ten I think I should have enough free hands to not have to worry about them.  

So that is it for now.  I won’t be back to finish this project proper immediately as the production queue has many backlogs as it is.  As with all my projects though its still floating around in my mind and one of these days I’ll get those finishing touches done.  

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