Roswell ’98: The Highway Patrol On Foot

We’re finally getting to the meat of this project, those sweet Perry and Copplestone 20mm post apocalyptic figures.

This project is a labour of love for those old Dark Future minis. Above are the four I have for this Highway Patrol gang. Well, there’s also the driver and cab gunner in the Ford Bronco from the first Highway Patrol post. The lady with trench-coat and pistol is included with the Highway Patrol as the perfect partner to another model in the gang, maybe a Scully and Mulder type duo? For the officers, I’ve always dug their retro look in what was, at the time, future setting. Dark Future was released in 1988, but set in a broken America of the late 90s.

I always wondered if the the Alan Perry sculpted police were influenced by Walter Hill’s rock’n’roll fable, Streets of Fire. The sculpts look a lot like the officers in that cult classic. If you haven’t checkout out Streets of Fire, do yourself a favor and screen it sometime. It’s sorta set in this weird dystopian era, but dystopian 50s? 80s? the future? It’s hard to tell and not really clear. Great soundtrack as well playing over a cast that includes a young Diane Lane, Rick Moranis, Bill Paxton, Williem Defoe, and Robert Townsend. It also inspired the Final Fight franchise of video games.

Anyway, enough about movies. I am very appreciative that Mark Copplestone sculpted up the Implements of Carnage Highway Patrol models for Northstar (above) in very much the same style. Over 30 years rests between these sets of minis, but they mesh together beautifully. I like the not-Deckard guy in the trench-coat. He’s perfect to lead the Patrol on investigations into the goings-ons around Roswell. On the ends are a pair of dogs I picked up from Elheim, also a decent source for 20mm models.

I probably should have included the officer on motorcycle with the car and truck post as these three can be used in Gaslands as a group. If using sponsors, clearly, they’re the ‘Highway Patrol’.

For games of Zona Alfa, I intend these models to run as the ‘Military’ gang.

Looks like the Patrol has found itself in a bit of a bind with the living dead having picked up their warm blood!

Don’t worry not-Deckard and Co…the cavalry is on its way!

A few parting shots of the complete gang…

…and the gang parked at home in its magnetic storage below.

This wraps up my first complete gang for this project. I’m really pleased with how the collection came together. I wasn’t sure how the conversion of the vehicles would go, but I’m really glad I went with those Greenlights as having the truck, car, motorcycle, and foot models all to scale with one another is a really neat visual that I didn’t have in my original games of Dark Future back in the day.

I’ve got a few other gangs in the queue, but might work on a few more terrain/objective pieces first. We need more to battle around than just rocks and airplanes.

11 thoughts on “Roswell ’98: The Highway Patrol On Foot

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    • Thanks! I’m wondering if I should just blow through all the vehicles for all the gangs first or complete the gangs like this (vehicles and on-foot), one at a time.


      • I’m not very consistent in my approach, I tend to work on what I feel most inspired by at the time, as long as I can make some measurable progress across my collections.


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