Roswell ’98: The Cult of Roswell

Next into the badlands…those with the vision of Roswell’s significance in the world. Its desert is a siren call to terrestrials and those that are not…

The Children of Roswell (or Cult of Roswell depending on who’s talking) – the CoR – is made up of misguided souls who see the repeated visitor landings as the forward to an upcoming invasion and this lot is throwing themselves in with the invaders. Acolytes cover themselves in grey body paint while the more senior members go fully robed and a bit more garish in the classiest UFO kitsch tradition.

I wanted to do something a bit different with the Northstar Copplestone Gaslands Wasteland Warriors and the Dark Future Robed Cultists. Both sets of models have a clear theme attached – Warboys and Jawas – and the models are usually painted as so online. As my games of Gaslands and Zona Alfa are taking place in a homebrew setting, I attempted to join these two sects of models into a cult that would fit the narrative…worshipping the visitors…or at least the idea of them…

Here’s the set of Copplestone sculpted minis with a female added from the Dark Alliance Stalkers set. She was originally a not-Laura Croft mini, but I did my best to cut away her hair to give her that bald head. She looks kinda rough close up, but passes the 3-feet test.

On the Perry Citadel side of the gang, we’ve got four robed cultists and two other bald street warriors that both sport bandanas so fit the overall look of the gang perfectly. I see these two (on the ends) as a little more senior than the Copplestone baldies. The robed cultist are certainly calling the shots here, with the pistol one the overall leader in my mind.

The vehicles were deliberately chosen for this UFO worshipping set. In respect for the first flying saucer crash in Roswell back in 1947, these are military vehicles from the 1940s; a 1941 Military Half Ton truck, and a 1942 Willys Jeep. Both from Greenlight. The motorcycle is the oldest looking one from the Citadel motorcycle set.

The Truck and jeep drivers and riders are from the Copplestone Gaslands range. The Truck drivers can hardly be seen with its small windows, but eh, worth the effort to paint.

For the jeep, I tossed in some rockets and stuff in the back to give them a careless/crazy vibe. Plus, in games of Gaslands, this gang would use The Warden sponsorship rules (though a different theme, obviously) and part of that gangs perks is ‘FIREWORKS’ where the player gets bonus audience votes if the vehicle explodes. Perfect.

The motorcycle rider is a conversion from a Citadel robed cultist. Though there were several motorcycle riders in the Citadel line, there wasn’t a cultist one. I cut the model in half and covered the joining area with the green stuff robe. I’m pretty bad at the stuff but i think the robe came out alright. Also. the shotgun rider in the jeep was cut in half and twisted so he could shoot out the right side. I covered his torso with green stuff “bandages”. It works for me.

Though the CoR are cultists in reverence to “the skinnies” (Roswell ’98 slang for the aliens), they have no qualms about killing them. Here they’re trying to make off with a corpse but the skinny leader isn’t having it. These models will be used in Zone Alfa as the Cultist gang for players obviously and can even be used as cultist adversaries on the hostiles charts. With or without extraterrestrial allies in the mix.

This lone lawman rode too far outside his jurisdiction and straight into CoR territory.

Aggressive negotiations in the badlands of Roswell ’98.

12 thoughts on “Roswell ’98: The Cult of Roswell

    • Thanks! After the painting the first couple of cultist I got hesitant. I thought they looked like they belonged in The Joker’s gang or something. I guess purple pants is a pretty distinct look. Finishing them all up though, I do like how they pop against the table mat and terrain.


  1. These guys are great. I really enjoy this whole thread of the Roswell ’98. It’s very cool.

    I also think it was worth it to paint the drivers and get them in the vehicles. It just wouldn’t look right if there was no one driving!


    • Exactly! it’s a lot of work though, drilling cars apart, converting mini poses, spray priming subsets of the models, painting them, reassembly and gluing, then…not really see the fruits of that labour. ha! I’ll keep doing it though. If anything _I_ know they’re there.
      Thanks for checking out the project!

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