Citadel Dark Future Street Warrior Collection

Using the Zona Alfa rules for my Roswell ’98 project has given me reason to recollect, for a third time, all those great Alan Perry Citadel 20mm Dark Future post apocalyptic figures. So, where does my collection stand now and will I end up with a complete set?

Near as I can tell from crawling the world wide web, the above image is pretty much a master list of all the available 20mm Citadel Street Warriors for Dark Future. To be clear, this is bodies on their feet. There are several drivers and such not included above. Also, the above is complete besides three others: a special edition Santa that pops up on eBay pretty frequently, and the two ‘Ops’ I’ve framed in the below image.

Now, those two I haven’t seen on eBay too often, so have always assumed they were rare. They aren’t even in the first image above. Were they a later release? I don’t know, but lo and behold I came across this exact above collection in a single blister last week and jumped on it.

Those two Ops are the central figs in the right image. The four are figures I didn’t already have…four out of twelve in the blister are new to my collection. The fact that these two were in it (which I spotted in the listing) made the purchase a no-brainer. So, now that I have the two I thought I might not obtain, what’s left?

Above is my current checklist. There are still about 8 missing from my collection. At this rate, purchasing blisters is going to yield a lot of duplicates. Unless there’s a blister that contains the minis I’m missing, but I’ve always been under the assumption the DF Street Warrior blisters were random…until I came across the one I recently purchased last week which had the exact same image as what I posted. So, I’m not sure, but am not holding my breath expecting to find one.

As a side quest for this R98 project, I hope to eventually be able to recreate the above White Dwarf advert. Clearly, I’m going with my own colors and I’m not sure if my rider and motorcycle pairings will perfectly match the above pic, so I guess I’ll end up with more an homage.

5 thoughts on “Citadel Dark Future Street Warrior Collection

  1. Not idea how many of them I’ve got. The price of blisters has really shot up on ebay recently hasn’t it. I’m glad that the new gaslands ones are available at a reasonable price now.




    • Yeah, they sure have. Agreed on the new Copplestone Gaslands figs, they’re great. IIRC, there’s one more set coming…the punks. I’m hoping they can slot with the DF Citadel punks as well as the Gaslands Highway Patrol fit with the DF Officers.


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  3. Ah, the ebay miniature hunt! I did that quite a bit with Blood Bowl prior to 2016. The Dark Future minis are pretty sweet. I’m guessing the game was released before the original Necromunda?


    • Yep. Dark Future first released in 1988. You can see a lot of Necromunda’s ancestry here though. For example, the Lasgun rifle the Op is holding is very similar to the lasgun rifles of 90s 40k/Necromunda.

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