Roswell ’98: Thrill Hunters on Foot

Summertime was supposed to net me plenty of time to get some hobby projects done. It wound up being a season of shuffling the kids from event to event. As the season winds down, I was able to squeak out the Zona Alfa models for my third gang in the badlands, the Thrill Hunters.

I’m not entirely sold on the ‘Thrill Hunters’ as a name, and whoever uses these models can call them what they want, but I intend them to be the models for the Traders faction in Zona Alfa. They’re a motley group of former military and adventure junkies looking to score big dealing in firearems, alien artifacts, critter corpses and parts, and any other thing of value they can extract out of the goings on around Roswell.

The two ladies are from Elhiem as are the dogs. I included dogs in my Highway Patrol faction, and I have several hounds from my Elhiem order, but I think I might like them better as part of this one. Plus, I have plenty of models for my Highway Patrol, to include several new acquisitions to be painted.

The five males are from the Alan Perry Dark Future line. If I were to run these models, I’d use the center gentleman in the hat and bolo tie as a sort of ‘Hannibal’ leader for the faction.

The whole gang as it stands at the end of summer. As I mentioned, I picked up a few new-to-me classic Dark Future modes so have some I want to add to this faction when time allows. It is a motley group, so I tended towards green and brown earth tones to give them a semblance of visual cohesion on the table top.

It can take the whole gang to take down a feisty graboid, but it’s a payday. A good day.

Even better days, are locating a graboid mound and excavating whatever parts and larvae they can out of the nest.

Cultists ruining what should have been an easy xeno-egg hunt. The only easy day was yesterday in Roswell ’98.

6 thoughts on “Roswell ’98: Thrill Hunters on Foot

    • Thanks! I came across the colored moss in a hobby shop and felt they’d add a lot to my table for little cost. They do a great job hiding the hard line between the mat and base of the scatter terrain.

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    • Thank you. The dogs do add a bit more to this faction. I’ve also ended up with a few other models I’d like to add to this group, but I think I’ll try to press on to the others before expanding.


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