Roswell ’98: Full Leather Jacket

My last Roswell post featured the cyber ninja Gaslands vehicles. Usually, I like to follow up a vehicle post with the post on the same gang’s foot models to use with Zona Alfa. My son and friends saw my car collection and want to try some Gaslands soon, so I’m going to shift gears and wrap up the vehicles for a few more gangs, then go back to the foot models. Here’s the fifth gang, The Independents.

Again the vehicles are from Greenlight’s 1:64 line. A set of Ford Mustang Cobras from the Black Bandit line. The opened top ride is a 1978 Ford Mustang II King Cobra. The closed top a 1976 Ford Mustang II Cobra.The motorcycle from Citadel’s Dark Future line.

Most of my gangs use driver models from the recent Copplestone Gaslands range. This gang however is 100% Citadel Alan Perry Dark Future, and has the first female driver in my set. I do wish the modern Copplestone collection had a better mix of genders, but I’ve sourced several ladies in 20mm (1/72…whatever) so have found ways to make due. The maniac blasting away with his pistol was a foot model I cropped off of his base and glued in to the car to ride shotgun. The Citadel Dark Future line has a healthy number of street warriors in leather jackets. It was a no-brainer for me to have them all in jeans. Hmmm….

I went with the Black Bandit versions of the cars because I wanted the vibe of the muscle cars to have that same sort of leather jacket, rock’n’roll look. It’s a little frustrating that the driver of the closed top can hardly be seen at all. This is the curse of including drivers though. Sometimes, they just aren’t seen. The dude is another long haired, leather jacketed, jeans wearing road warrior from the Citadel driver range.

Here’s a few parting shots of the latest gang auto dueling with cultists and blitzing through zeds.

The Independents of Roswell ’98….Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!

5 thoughts on “Roswell ’98: Full Leather Jacket

    • Thanks! I forgot to mention that this gang also differs from the “truck/car/bike” setup that most of my gangs have followed. The ninjas were “bike/car/bike” and this one is “/car/bike/car”. I figured more cars would give the gang a look of ‘muscle’.


  1. These look super, I’m really enjoying following your work on this project. The style is straight out of the early 90s Dark Future, exactly as you have intended. Good luck getting your son and his friends involved too.


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