Roswell ’98: Scientists on Foot

Despite my plans to move onto a few other minis, I had fun working on the vehicles for this gang, so decided to just continue on and wrap up their foot models as well.

The bulk of the gang is made up of Mark Copplestone’s “Corporate Team” for the Gaslands line from Northstar Miniatures. I’m using them with more of a ‘scientist’ bent, so they’ll be used as the Scientists gang in games of Zona Alfa, and if I were to use sponsors in Gaslands (not planning to for early games) I’d have them as Mishkin.

Here’s that Copplestone leader mini flanked by two Elheim 1/72 (20mm) minis. On our left, a sci-fi female (from the Dy and Mari pair) who fits the look close enough, and on the right a Hazmat Suit from the Survivor group 10 set.

Rounding out the gang is a Dark Future model on the left and a Reaper XairBots (Small). The three models in Reaper’s Xairbots line fit in really well with 1/72 minis. The Medium robots, I use as zone hostiles on the side of the aliens and UFOs. Including a robot in this gang, pushes the budget slightly past the straight-to-video, but I’m thinking it fits with films such as Hardware. I do wish I had some small tank treads though as I would have cut the robot at the waste and used treads instead of legs.

Clearing Zone Hostiles from a crash site.

Salvaging artifacts from the latest hot spot.

The Scientists ready to understand, and control, the goings-on around Roswell ’98.

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