Roswell ’98: The New Traditionalists

The last gang to cruise the wasted waves of Roswell are The Scientists. I went back and forth the most with this gang on what I could do to have them ride apart from the others. Originally, I was going to go with trucks and hitches to haul UFO artifacts. It ended up looking a little too much like a gang of bootleggers or something. When it dawned on me that a van was a vehicle I hadn’t used yet, the gang materialized.

Though this gang is cruising Roswell for alien artifacts, they aren’t looking to revere them like The Cultists, but to incorporate and use the foreign technology. I played with the idea of their vehicles being hover cars using technology that was reversed-engineered of sorts from crashed UFOs. However, as I want to play Gaslands pretty casually, I didn’t want some hover models confusing players wondering if they behave differently. I think the Hot Wheel vehicle above came out pretty well, so maybe I’ll revisit the idea of hover cars for that Mars Racing variant of Gaslands.

If the last gang I completed, The Independents, are the rockers this gang is the nerds. As this whole project is a chance to work with my various inspirations, the yellow jumpsuits of early DEVO was a good color choice. It also gives this gang a visual color separation from the others.

That blue hover car…I found the same Hot Wheel car, but in silver. Silver appears to be a good contrast to the yellow jumpsuits. The car also has black trim and a red triangle. With the triangles on the back of the Copplestone Corporation gang minis, this was perfect. The drivers above L to R are: three Gaslands Copplestone Corporation drivers, a Dark Future driver in the performance car, and a motorcycle from the Northstar Implements of Carnage plastic sprue.

I found a Greenlights 1976 GMC van also in silver. Going back to my original post on this project, i want the tabletop to look like a straight-to-video movie. No fancy Fury Road conversions or crazy upgrades, this is low rent B-movie fare. The upgrades to the vehicles are few to keep the production under budget. I do have each vehicle with a component of that glowing green from the UFO in the background. I’m probably going to have the van’s weapon be a Death Ray. Makes sense. The car and motorcycle maybe nitro boosters or something.

A shot of that second van rider poking out to keep the Highway Patrol away. I needed something different besides another rider sticking out the top. The shotgun dude poking his SMG out the front window is also a variation so it’s not another guy hanging out the side window.

Taking from the wreckage. Possession is the game in Roswell ’98.

8 thoughts on “Roswell ’98: The New Traditionalists

    • Thanks and good question. I was just talking to some friends this week about how I tend to not play a game until I have everything painted. It helps motivate me to get it done. I find that once I start playing a game, and some pieces are unpainted, I’m not to energized to go paint them. Self-imposing painted minis before I play does help push me to get them done. I dunno. Weird. I did print out all the vehicle cards this weekend as well as summary sheets, so I expect to start playing in the next week or two.


  1. These guys look great – the yellow DEVO jumpsuits go really well with the silver of their vehicles, and the van in silver looks SO 1980’s straight-to-video, so you’ve definitely achieved your objective, sir!


    • I love that van. I knew I had to use it as soon as I laid eyes on it. Man, I wish they still made ’em like that. I’d buy a real one for sure. My kids lament these sort of vans no longer being in production too and they’ve never actually ridden in one.


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