Here’s to 2023!

Happy New Year, All!

I’ve never really done hobby tracking or goals before, but here’s my first attempt. Warning: This post won’t have any pictures of minis…

First, let’s have a little rundown of 2022. I’ve been on a bit of a minis painting renaissance since about 2016. However, 2022 was one of the lighter years for painting…but a great year for gaming.

On the painting front, I completed:

  • Two 1/72 Dragon Rampant Warbands
  • Two Blood Bowl Teams
  • Three Blitz Bowl Teams
  • Two Blitz Bowl Referees
  • Two Blitz Bowl Big Guys
  • One DungeonBowl Team
  • DungeonBowl chests and portals
  • One Silver Bayonet Warband
  • Two Silver Bayonet Outbuildings

For Gaming, I was able to get in games of:

  • Masters of the Universe Battlegrounds
  • Dragon Rampant
  • Anno Domini 1666
  • Gaslands
  • DungeonBowl
  • Blitz Bowl (to include hosting a Blitz Bowl event)
  • Participated in two seasons of the local Blood Bowl league
  • Attended four Blood Bowl tournaments (to include Chaos Cup in Chicago)

More importantly to the games played, I was able to see old friends and make many new ones. 2022 ended up a banner year in gaming for me.

That said, I’m planning about two years left in this little renaissance period of painting. I turned 48 on December 31st, and I want to be able to put my brushes into semi-retirement when I hit 50. Oh, I’ll occasionally do up the odd couple of minis or small group here and there, but no more large projects or bulks of minis. I don’t want to have a ‘queue’ of minis to work on after that point. From 50 on, I want to focus on actually playing games and shift the bulk of time I currently spend painting to taking care of my health and developing some other skills I haven’t so far in this short life.

So, 2023 and 2024 are going to be a bit of a hobby sprint to position myself for this goal.

With that, I’ve settled on my 2023 plan being lots of loose odds and ends. Not necessarily in order:

  • Ronin Sohei Buntai
  • Ronin Bandit Buntai
  • Ronin Creatures and Swords-For-Hire
  • Ronin Terrain
  • Dracula’s America Posse
  • Battletech Clan Star
  • Battletech Inner Sphere Lance 1
  • Battletech Inner Sphere Lance 2
  • Blitz Bowl Lizardmen
  • Blitz Bowl Skaven
  • Blitz Bowl Imperial Nobility
  • Blitz Bowl Necromantic
  • Blitz Bowl Spiked Obstacles
  • Blitz Bowl Snotling Obstacles
  • Blitz Bowl Pillar and Forge Obstacles
  • DungeonBowl College of Metal
  • DungeonBowl College of Shadow
  • DungeonBowl Wizards
  • DungeonBowl Terrain
  • Roswell ’98 Punk Vehicles
  • Roswell ’98 Punks on Foot
  • Roswell ’98 Rockers on Foot
  • Roswell ’98 Ninjas on Foot

Stretch goals for 2023 would be:

  • Warcry Warband
  • Blood Bowl Team
  • 2 En Garde Warbands
  • En Garde Creatures

This is a lot, but I hope laid out like that I can cross items off as I complete and post to the blog. Maybe having this sort of visualization will help me get this all done by the end of the year.

The plan for 2024 is two Lion Rampant warbands (English v Welsh) with auxiliary fantasy units for games of Dragon Rampant. Then 2025 will be the Big Relax.

Thanks for following along in 2022 and here’s hoping everyone has a healthy, productive 2023!

4 thoughts on “Here’s to 2023!

    • 100%! Lovely models. So, tbh, I’m glad we played the game because it put these models on my radar. Games of En Garde should look “chef’s kiss”


  1. As we get older health definitely needs to become a priority! I doubt I’ll hang up brushes anytime soon, but I’d certainly like to get some more fitness time in!


    • yeah, I’ll probably always paint a model here or there, but I don’t want to have ‘large’ projects looming or unfulfilled. I want my collection to be in a place where is something did happen to me, and I can no longer paint or what not, I have plenty to play with. Here’s to our health!

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