Blitz Bowl: Lizardmen Team

My son has been wanting to try out the Lizardmen team for awhile, but I tend to lean on a pretty strict “Play it Painted” mentality, so we haven’t run this squad in our Blitz Bowl games. Additionally, I struggled a bit with what color scheme I wanted to go with. Finally, I decided, the heck with it, let’s get ’em done.

I had an old Lizardmen team in metal that came out in the late 90’s or early 00’s, I don’t recall exactly which. They were pretty basic sculpts, not too different than the Warhammer Fantasy sculpts of the time. They were easy to paint though. I went shades of blue for the skin and scales, but white and yellow for the team colors. Hexoatl Heat was the name. I decided to do something a bit similar here.

This team wasn’t a lot of fun for me to paint. I really don’t enjoy painting belts, straps, pouches, and all sorts of little accoutrements that I feel are excessively added to modern minis. These models had tons of those: ropes, bracelets, bangles, etc all over their arms, legs, tails, spines and shoulders. It drove me nuts.

I’ve got a pretty robust 20+ model full BB Lizardmen team in the queue, that I’m not looking forward to. They’re either gonna get traded or they just might be the last Blood Bowl team I ever paint. Either way, I’m glad the small Blitz Bowl squad of six is done…and it’s my first completed project of 2023!

13 thoughts on “Blitz Bowl: Lizardmen Team

    • Ha! Maybe…
      I used contrast blue on the saurii. How would you suggest that contrast is good for the straps and such? You still have to use a steady hand to run the paint over them and not get it anywhere else.


  1. I’m working on the same team right now – I’ve found it slow going.
    You could paint the skin, then paint straps etc . with a cream or white, then hit them with a contrast paint in a narrow light band and that could turn out…

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    • Yeah, I’m trying to decide if I stick with Lizardmen down the road or trade my models out for the Amazon team, which looks so much easier to paint. I’d keep my Lizzy star players tho since they play for Amazons as well.


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  3. Might have been a pain to paint, but they turned out quite nice! It’s one team I’ve been wanting to paint, but dreading it. I can’t decided on the skin colors and I know the scales, belts, armor, and everything is going to be a pain to paint. But like you said, sometimes you just have to dive in and get it done!


    • Thanks! I have a litter of Skaven models in the same boat. I have BzB and full BB teams’ worth of models, but I keep going back and forth on their fur color. I might so a mix, but tbh, I kinda like uniform colors on BB team. I’m not sure. One thing’s for certain though…the BzB team will at least get addressed…they’re one of my 2023 goals.

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      • Nice! Skaven is one team I really want to get painted, just because their play style is so different. Well, same with Lizards. If I could only paint 3 more teams, I think it would be Skaven, Chaos Dwarves, and Lizardmen.

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        • I have three unpainted BB teams in the queue: Humans, Skaven, and Lizardmen. All three are fully assembled, based, and primed just waiting til my brush can get to them. At some point I’m adding an undead team to the squads but not yet. Too many other projects.

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          • I’ve found other than teaching BB, it’s rare that I get anyone to play Humans. They are all right, but so middle of the road that they aren’t a lot of fun in a league. I do love Undead as well, but it’s another one where I’m not too keen on painting up all those minis.


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