Blood Bowl: The Khorne Team

Painted back in September, this team has been battle tested on the pitches of Chaos Cup’s 20th Anniversary. Finally, the Ironkeep Blood Bowl Club make their appearance here at WS&TZ in the last post of 2022.

Per the previous blog post, the head coach (center above) is a recent hire for to the team. The lady on the far right coached the squad to a 2-2-2 record at Chaos Cup, but not she moves to an on-field role (probably ‘counts as’ for Lord Borak). The heavy on the left will make his first appearance at Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2023 in a few short weeks.

The Pedro Ramos sculpted Minotaur on the right was used as our Bloodspawn at Chaos Cup. i like the model a lot, particularly having an actual claw. However, he can be confused for an actual Minotaur and his limbs (and tail!) stick out quite a bit. James (from WS&TZ!) was kind enough to send me his Forge World Bloodspawn, so this minotaur will probably become Blackhoof or something if we ever induce him. The color scheme of the team is based on my Ironkeep Bloodskin AoS army, where all the models had shades of red skin. The Bloodspawn, however, had blue. For some reason, I’ve always enjoyed the Big Guys standing out quite a bit from the rest of their squad.

The Bloodseekers have AoS helmets in a throw back nod to the original Chaos Blockers in 3rd edition having straight up Chaos Warrior heads instead of fantasy football helmets. The current Chaos Chosen models have it right with football styled helmets, and I use the standard BB Khorne team football helmets on my Khorne Blitz Bowl team. Well, that team also only has two Bloodseekers, so each are unique. With four on the BB team proper, they’d look like two sets of twins. These helmets give them a little individuality.

With the Marauders above we have the same situation of duplicate sculpts so AoS helmets are used to set them apart.

Uh-oh, this fleet of Khorngores all pretty much look identical. It’s true. I didn’t have a spare head that would go well on these models, plus I really like them as is. Maybe they’re all from the same….litter? Forge World has a very nice booster with two unique Khorngores I could add, and I intended too, but I ended up falling into extra Khorne team plastic sprues, so have just settled with the duplicate sculpts here. I can still see that booster in my hands at some point down the road…

So, that’s the complete squad then. Chaos was my least favorite time in BB 3rd edition all the way up until BB16. I like the Chaos Chosen sculpts a lot, and bought a box. but I _love_ these Khorne models. The Chaos Chosen box was given away, and in a weird turn of events I’ve turned into a pretty big Khorne advocate across GW’s games. Well… when I played those others like AoS, and Underworlds. But I don’t. Now there is only Blood Bowl.

Blood Bowl is Forever.

Have a Happy New Year!

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