Dracula’s America: Necromancer and Revenants

Here’s the second half of the gang…The Necromancer and d3+1 Revenants.

Like the Female Outlaw leader in the previous post, I picked up the Necromancer in mounted and unmounted versions. He’s the “Outlaw Leader” on the Black Scorpion site, but I thought his hidden face behind the long-brimmed hat gave him the shadow of mystery for the dark arts vibe. His right hand is my attempt to show his controlling of the Revenants. Using the Dark Confederacy rules, again, the theme here is undead outlaws not “south will rise again” Confederates.

I also went ahead and darkened up the Undead Gunslinger a bit. This character is a hired gun, not controlled by the necromancer, so I wanted him to have a little different look.

Here’s the full, ten member posse. Necromancer and his Revenants on the left, second-in-command and the living outlaws on the right. There’s a heel faction in the WWE called “Judgement Day” that sports black and purple. I hadn’t considered that when I picked out the color scheme for this posse, but Judgement Day has a nice ring to it for an undead posse.

One more photo, to include the mounted versions. Future additions to this posse will probably include some hell hounds and a demon so they can flex into the Crossroads Cult gang as well. Maybe in the posse’s narrative, the Necromancer is delving deeper into the rings of hell and summons that which should not be…

4 thoughts on “Dracula’s America: Necromancer and Revenants

    • Thanks, man! Yeah, that last shot is great. I feel it’s the best one as well…and the easiest to set up. This is my 6th little project done for the year. 24 projects total so 25% done already!

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