Dracula’s America: Outlaws

I’ve connected with some local gamers that play Gunfighter’s Ball and possibly Dracula’s America. I’ve had the Dracula’s America books for a few years now and haven’t done anything with it. Well, that recent connection was the spark to get me to move on a posse.

Talking with the group, it seems I only need 3-4 minis for Gunfighter’s Ball. GB also isn’t “weird west”, so a handful of “normal” outlaws would be an easy lift and a quick win. Above is my posse for Gunfighter’s Ball.

I picked up the mounted and unmounted versions of the female above, and all of the minis, from Black Scorpion Miniatures. I love their concepts and designs. Receiving the resin minis though, they had a lot of roughage. They were quick to paint but don’t look too smooth. I’m not too concerned about it, again the “four-feet” rule and they look great from there.

I painted this ghost as a proof of concept. I was hoping the Nighthaunt Gloom + Ulthuan Grey would look as smooth on these models as it did on my Nightvault Underworlds warband. They do not. Still…onward and upward…five projects done in the first month of 2023.

10 thoughts on “Dracula’s America: Outlaws

  1. Nice looking minis, podnah! I have some of the NorthStar/Osprey Western minis, but the painting queue has been so long that I’m not sure when I will get around to them. The ghost looks good to me, and I think you got better results than I have with Nighthaunt!

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    • Thanks! Check my response to the comment above for preview of an update to that undead drifter model. Regarding queues, i’ve taken a pledge to not buy any minis for three months. I’m hoping I do go full-on into painting and getting a ton done during that time. So far, so good.

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      • I’ve been holding off on buying, and been pretty successful so far. I just try to ask myself “Is this something that I will finish painting in the next month and is it going to be used for a game we’re playing?!”. A lot of times the answer is “no”. When I look through my bins I see too many “These will be cool to paint minis!”, that I’m just not interested in painting anymore! 😉

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          • Very true! Usually I’m the person who owns the games, minis, and teaches everyone the rules. But I’ve joined some gaming groups and I learned I had to shift my mindset when I was exposed to all kinds of new boardgames. Otherwise I would end up owning way more games than I need. I’d often ask myself that same statement “Is this a game I really need to own or am I content playing it occasionally with that group?”. Often that answer depended on whether the game was something that I felt would go over great at home with the family. One exception though, there are RPG books that I own because of their value as a reference. I have no intention of playing those, because the rules are too cumbersome, don’t fit my style, or there are better rulesets out there.


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