Battletech: Unit Transfers

Life’s thrown a curveball at me the past two months, so hobby progress has slowed to a near dead stop. However, I was recently able to apply some Flying Piranha transfers to my three sets of Battletech mechs. Short post incoming…

Still new to the Battletech Universe, I haven’t settled in on any particular unit but am still painting by Rule of Cool. I spotted some Clan transfers that had a similar green as the cockpits of these mechs, so I suppose they’re now part of the Jade Falcon. For all of these pics, I’ve applied transfers to all of my painted mechs, but I’m just featuring four for brevity.

The blue mechs here now appear to be Stormhammers. Having one arm colored, these units remind me of Theros Ironfield. Theros is a blacksmith in the DragonLance universe who had a silver arm. The Stormhammers logo is a hammer being held up, so it my head canon it all ties together. I do wish I had these unit transfers prior to applying the numbers as I don’t think these transfers are in the optimal place. In some cases going over a panel or two. They’ll do for now.

IMO, the “Dieron Regulars”, of house Kurita, transfers turned out best on this GunCannon looking unit. The orange compliments the orange highlights and it strengthens the overall gundam/manga look of the unit.

Applying transfers to BT units wasn’t a 2023 goal, but overall I like how they’ve added a small enhancement to the models. Next step in my BT hobby is to decide if I’m going to pledge for the current Mercenary KS or not…

4 thoughts on “Battletech: Unit Transfers

  1. They all look good, especially with the transfers. I don’t remember exactly what House Kurita was supposed to look like back in the day, but that looks damn near genuine to me!

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    • Thanks! Now, I’m kinda considering going back over them and doing some chipped paint effects. It’s tough because they’re sealed and “done” so I feel like I should move on. But there’s this urge to go back over ’em….

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      • I try not to go back because I still have so many minis to do. Sometimes it’s better to just say “next time”! Though I imagine if you’re taking minis to tourneys, you might want them to look the best you can.

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        • Great points and a view that my friends take as well. They figure once the base is done, or the model is sealed, there’s no going back… only forward.
          I’m not, nor intend to, playing BT at tourneys so this is probably fine.

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