Battletech: Comstar

Originally, I had only intended on painting up three factions for Battletech, but as I started reading into the lore, Comstar appealed and since these mechs are pretty easy to paint I figured…why not…what’s seven more models to the pile?

From what I can tell, Comstar is like a phone/internet provider in the BT universe. Thinking ahead, it seems they’ve kept some technology in decent shape and not let it all be forgotten or fallen into ruin like the Inner Sphere Houses. It seems Comstar here put up the best fight against the Clans, so doing them in white to counter my Clan faction in black is perfect. I didn’t go pure white, but Ulthuan Grey from Citadel. The transfer is some wave icon I picked up from Fighting Piranha for the 7th Com Guard. Comstar run mechs in groups of six called Levels, so I’ve got a spare for scenario options. If I add more mechs to this, I think I’ll want to go with more of the goofier mechs like the Jenner. I kinda like the idea of this set being a little bit odd-ball. Well, that sweet Black Knight (in the center) mech surrounded by freak mechs.

With these models completed, my Battletech mech collection is 100% painted. I’ve played a game of Alpha Strike with my blue and red Inner Sphere mechs, but now that all of my models are done, I’m going to look to get into more games. It’s a difficult thing to do in this hobby, complete a project, now I’ll just need to stop myself from adding mechs, but it’s kinda addicting…

5 thoughts on “Battletech: Comstar

  1. Congrats on painting all your minis for the game! That isn’t something that happens too often in our hobby! I don’t know how you did your white paint scheme, but it looks like it turned out really well!

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    • Thanks! i’m really shooting to not bring in anymore models but to wrap up all my outstanding projects by the end of next year. It’s gonna be tough. It does feel great to knock one down completely though.
      The recipe on that white is: light grey primer, wash with Apothacary White contrast paint, drybrush with Ulthaun Grey.

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      • Good luck holding out on purchasing more! I can see how tempting it would be. Ok, I had a feeling that *might* have been what you did, but wasn’t completely sure. I still haven’t used Apothecary White like that, but I’ve seen a few people do it and it always looks great. I’m tempted to try it on some robot minis just to see how it pans out!

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