Holy Cow! I Finally Painted Some Minis!


OK, so this may seem like absolutely no big deal to most of you, but to me, this is a very big deal. You see… I HATE painting minis. Like, I REALLY HATE painting minis. I enjoy making terrain, but painting minis is just flat out WORK for me. But after our most recent season of Blood Bowl… a season that took us about a full year to play 7 games, I have decided that it is time to give a team other than Orcs a shot.

I actually got this Undead team about six months ago with the intent to paint them, and play them in Austin’s ROT Tournament this past summer. Well, I primed them, and I applied a base coat or two to all of the minis, but I never managed to finish them. Not even close. Well, with the Thanksgiving holiday, I had a long weekend around the house, so I decided that it was time to give it another shot.

Knowing how much I dislike the process, I decided early on to make things as easy on myself as possible. I decided on a green and white paint scheme. Since my primer is a light gray, all white pieces were already base coated this way. I also did not go all out with details, and little painting slips that would have driven me nuts 10 years ago were left as is. As such, is this the best paint job I have ever done? Not even close. But I did NOT want to throw all my paints and brushes out the window when I was done. That is REAL progress for me. Anyway, with my only intent being a gaming table level of quality, I am quite pleased with how they turned out, and I am even going to prime another team I had sitting on the shelf to see if I can manage to do it again. I also still need to pick up a couple of extra minis to actually field the starting roster I want, but one step at a time.

Enjoy! And sorry for my (lack of) mini photography skills.







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