Second Edition Blood Bowl Minis!

So, a couple of days ago, during lunch, I decided to stop into a used game shop in town. This place is mostly board games and old toys, but I thought I would look around and check things out. Man, am I glad I did…

In the very back corner, I noticed a few blisters of old looking minis beckoning to me. When I got close enough to see them clearly, I could not believe my eyes. Among a few very old Warhammer minis, this place actually had FOUR sealed blisters of second edition Blood Bowl minis. I immediately snapped them up and took them home.

There were two blisters of Dark Elves with five minis a piece (all with the feathers still attached to their heads!), one blister of Humans with six minis, and one Star Player blister with six minis. Twenty-two minis in total… Holy Crap!

I immediately traded the Dark Elves to a friend for a mint copy of the game Block Mania, with the Mega Mania expansion. I am going to keep one or two of the Star Players for my current teams, and the rest with probably go up for trade.

I am so glad that I walked into that store… 🙂


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