Critter Bowl IV


As much as I have played Blood Bowl over the years, I have only played in a few tournaments. I just have not had many opportunities. So, after playing in my first table-top Blood Bowl league in years recently, I entered the ROT Blood Bowl tournament in Austin in May. I only did ok, but I had a great time. Since then, I have been looking for an opportunity to play in another tournament. Enter Critter Bowl IV, hosted by the guys of the Both Down podcast on January 24th.

Critter Bowl is part Blood Bowl tournament, part baby shower for some I guy have never met. But hey, I do not really need an excuse to want to play Blood Bowl. It is in Norman, OK, though, so that will be quite a drive from Austin, TX. I am trying to get one or two of my league buddies to go with me, but we will see…

Anyway, I am thinking about actually blogging the tournament so I can document my experience for posterity and all. Should be a good time.

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