The Road to Orclahoma Bowl/Spiky Cup UPDATE 2!


Well, thanks to a week in Atlanta for work, getting this Dwarf team finished in time for Orclahoma Bowl/Spiky Cup REALLY came down to the wire. I was starting to get more than a little nervous that I was not going to be able to finish the team in time. Luckily, though, I was worried for nothing because I managed to finished with just a few days to spare. This is probably the last team I will be painting for a little while as I really need a bit of a break. I also really need to finish the final installment of my Mordheim terrain tutorial series. Thirdly, I think it is REALLY time for a hobby desk overhaul. I am in dire need of some major organization, and less crap EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, this is going to be a really short update, so on with the pics of the finished team. I still have 4 Longbeards to paint up so that the “full” team will be complete, but this is enough for my tournament team.


The Longbeards before having static grass applied.


Positional players, plus Grim Ironjaw for a coach model.


The awesome Vortice Miniatures Deathroller!


And a final group shot. Hope you like it! Again, I am not a great painter by any stretch, but I am happy with what I accomplished on this team. It is probably the best looking complete team I have ever painted.

Comments and criticisms welcome, as always.


P.S. I do not think I have mentioned it before, but for the record, this color scheme was shamelessly stolen from J_Bone on the forums. I saw it on his Dwarves and loved it so much that I used it with only slight modifications on my own team. FOr the record, his painting skills completely blow mine out of the water.

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