Orclahoma Bowl/Spiky Cup 2015… The Aftermath


OK, so Orclahoma Bowl/Spiky Cup weekend was two weeks ago and I am just now getting around to posting about how things went. What can I say? It has been a rough two weeks on the personal front. Anyway, this will be a pretty short post, with only a quick overview because way too much happened to remember many specific details.

For day one, which was Orclahoma Bowl itself, I brought my newly acquired Amazon team. The short version is that I got the snot kicked out of me. I had some really bad luck most of the day and having never played Amazons before, it was a rough day to say the least. I can not even remember what all teams I played against, though I believe there were two Pro Elf teams in there. I ended the day 1-3, but I met some really nice people and still had a good time.

On the positive side for Saturday, the XBBL’s league commissioner, Jeff, finished in second place for the day. Even more impressive, he did so by tying in his final game against Brian Tew, who is the current three-time Orclahoma Bowl champion and current Chaos Cup champion. Brian is currently one of the top NAF ranked players in America, so it was great to see Jeff do so well.

Day two was Spiky Cup, and Spiky Cup went much better for me. Spiky Cup has special rules that focus heavily on doing damage to your opponent as well as scoring touchdowns. In fact, the winner of the tournament lost his last game, but did some much damage throughout the day, that he finished in first over his opponent who did not lose a single game all day. It was Spiky Cup that I have been painting up my newest Dwarf team for. I ended Sunday at 1-0-2. So I only won one game, but I did not lose any games, and I will take that all day long. I finished in ninth place out of thirty coaches. Not super high, but the highest place of all three XBBL coaches in attendance.

The real highlight of the whole weekend, for me, came at the end of the day on Sunday. When the awards were being handed out, I was given the Fan Favorite (i.e. Best Painted Team) award for Spiky Cup thanks to my Dwarf team that I painted in the weeks leading up to the tournament.


Sorry for the poor quality picture, but I broke my good camera, and I really do not have a decent light setup for taking pictures of minis. I have been told by people who have seen the team in person that my pictures do not do them justice at all. Maybe I can get some better pictures of them eventually. I have to admit, though, it felt really good to get the Fan Favorite award after working so hard to complete the team in time. I definitely have to thank J_Bone on the Talk Fantasy Football forums, because it was his incredibly painted Dwarf team that gave me the idea for the color scheme for this team. I never thought I would win any kind of Best Team award, so this was probably the best thing I could have won all weekend.

Well, that is pretty much it for this update. It was a great weekend, all the XBBL guys had a great time, and we met some REALLY nice guys that we hope to be friends with for a long time to come. If you like Blood Bowl, and you have not yet checked it out, drop on by the Both Down website and check out the Both Down Podcast. Scott and Steve are super nice guys who put on a great tournament. We hope to see them again at this year’s Nuffleween!

Thanks for reading!

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