Blood Bowl Visual Match Report: Undead Vs Humans

So, this will be an experiment. My current Blood Bowl league, the XBBL is really big on fluff and extracurricular activities to really add to the flavor of the game. My only problem is that I am really not very good at fluff, but I have a real appreciation for what it adds to a game. In an effort to contribute something unique, I am going to try what I am affectionately referring to as a visual match report. I took about 50 pictures during last night’s game and this image heavy post will either be a proof of concept, or a spectacular failure. Time to find out which!

XBBL Season 2 – Week 5

New Yorik Hex Vs Reik River Raiders

  • Gate: Raiders – 11,000 fans, Hex – 9,000 Fans
  • Weather: Good
  • Raiders won coin toss, choose to kick
Kickoff result: Quick Snap
Hex turn 1: Zombie and skeleton end up in the back field as they were providing back up in case the ghouls failed to pick up the ball. The kindest, gentlest mummies in all of Blood Bowl did what they usually do, which is gently push opposing players around without hurting anyone at all. The ghouls start the trek up the right side of the pitch with help from the wights.
Raiders turn 1: The Raiders’ ogre begins what will be most of an entire half of knocking a mummy into the dirt over and over again. The rest of the Raiders begin closing in.
The first of many turns that ends with Siamtu the Rotten laying on the pitch. The ghouls do not like that ogre so close…
Hex turn 2: The errant zombie and skeleton make it back into the mix, but do not get the chance to help before a wight knocks himself down. No ball movement.
Raiders turn 2: This becomes a fairly regular sight for the rest of the game. Undead players laying on the pitch in various states of consciousness. Oh yeah, the Raiders managed to knock the ball loose and almost completely surround the only standing Hex players.
Hex turn 3: Most of the Undead players managed to stand back up, but rookie ghoul Dirtflayer II, managed to dodge away from a defender, dart back in to pick up the ball in a tackle zone, but failed the dodge back out and ended up knocking himself out in the process. Luckily, the ball landed in three Hex tackle zones.
Raiders turn 3: The Raiders managed to knock out one of the Hex wights, and remove a tackle zone from the ball. At this point, the Raiders set the tone for the rest of the game when a lowly human lineman picked up the ball in two tackle zones. The HEx were now down two players.
Hex turn 4: Skeleton Ben Bones managed to knock the ball loose from the luckiest lineman alive. The ball bounced to AG3 skeleton Gustaf Cain, who caught it and made a break for the Raiders endzone with a ghoul attempting to tag along.
A lone and very vulnerable skeleton and ghoul.
Raiders turn 4: The Raiders begin to close in on the ball carrier. At least only three Hex players ended the turn on their backs…
Hex turn 5: Hex manage to knock out the lone lineman putting a tackle zone on the ball carrier and bring in two ghouls for support. Unfortunately they did not have enough movement to protect him if he moved any further down the pitch.
Raiders turn 5: Raiders close in on the ball carrier and manage to knock the ball loose, causing a casualty in the process. Poor Gustaf failed his Regeneration roll and took a niggling injury.
Hex turn 6: A ghoul managed to pick up the ball in a tackle zone but to avoid doding into multiple tackle zones, took the long way around… that may have been a mistake… More mummies pushing opponents around and not hurting a fly.
Inadequately attempting to make a break for it. The endzone is SO CLOSE!
Raiders turn 6: Another turn, another ghoul taken off the pitch, leaving the ball carrier completely alone and surrounded.
This is probably going to hurt…
Hex turn 7: With no rerolls left, the clock winding down, and left with few options, the Hex ball carrier attempted HAD to make a break for it and attempted to dodge in to two tackle zones on his way to the endzone. That did not work out for him, and he even managed to knock himself out in the process. And of course, the ball bounced to a Raiders player who caught it with ease.
Things were getting a little crowded in the dugout…
Raiders turn 7: Being up three players on the Hex, the Raiders had little trouble getting the ball to a catcher and guaranteeing a score for the humans.
Did I mention that this was kind of a pattern for this game?
Hex turn 8: Not having any players that could possibly catch the human catcher, the Hex attempted, without success to cause a little damage to the Raiders.
Raiders turn 8: With no rerolls left, the Raiders chose not to take any risks, and simply ran into the endzone.
One half of the now famous Raiders “Koin Toss” posing in the Hex endzone.
Setup for the second half kickoff. The Hex were still down one player.
Kickoff Result: Changing Weather – Good
Raiders turn 1: The Raiders managed to penetrate fairly deeply into the Hex side of the pitch, but the Raiders’ star thrower managed to fail picking up the ball before too many hits could be thrown.
The other half of “Koin Toss” looking embarrassed as the ball sits frustratingly out of reach.
 Hex turn 1: Along with the Raiders failing to pick up the ball, they also left a big hole in the line which allowed the Hex to rush in a put two tackle zones on the ball before their movement gave out. Also, a mummy managed to put the Raiders’ ogre on his back for a change, while the other mummy actually knocked out a human player.
Did the Hex managed to sway some momentum?
Raiders turn 2: The Raiders incredible luck continued as a ghoul got pushed onto the ball which bounced right to the Raiders’ thrower. He caught the bouncing ball in two tackle zones, of course, was able to dodge out and pass the ball downfield to an open catcher. Once again, the Hex were completely unable to catcher the faster human players.
Hex turn 2: A couple of Hex players get slightly freed up, and get in position to threaten the human catcher is the Raiders attempt to stall.
Raiders turn 3: Not wanting to press their incredible luck, the rookie Raiders catcher scores.
The Raiders get cocky…
Third kickoff.
Kickoff Result: High Kick
Hex turn 3: A ghoul gets the ball and once again begins the trek downfield.
Raiders turn 4: The Raiders begin to close in.
Hex turn 4: Hex wight, Brian the Dragonslayer, attempts to open a hole on the sideline to allow some ghouls through, but only manages to bump heads with a human blitzer.
Raiders turn 5: The Hex managed to hang on to the ball for once, but the Raiders were able to push star Hex wight, Brian the Dragonslayer off the pitch. Luckily he was unhurt.
Hex turn 5: With the majority of the Raiders players tied up on the right side of the pitch, the Hex make their second big mistake of the game by forgetting that they were out of rerolls and tempting fate with two Go For It’s… and failing the second one.
Raiders turn 6: The Raiders, quite expectedly managed to recover the ball and attempted to pass the ball to an open catcher when the impossible happened… Hex mummy, Cronar the Third pulled out the interception halting the Raiders momentum.
Ho Lee Crap!
Hex turn 6: Cronar the Third begins his slow ramble towards the endzone. Unfortunately, Gustaf the Dead attempted a single die block and rolled a big fat SKULL. He also managed to die in the process, but thankfully successfully regenerated.
The Hex crowd begins to get excited!
Raiders turn 7: The Raiders begin to box in the ball carrier and his support. Yet another ghoul gets knocked out while a zombie takes a casualty. Regeneration helps to keep long term injuries at bay yet again…
Hex turn 7: Mummy, Siamtu the Rotten finally starts to cause casualties for only the second time all season long while Cronar the Third makes ever so slight progress towards the endzone. A ghoul attempts a single die block against the Raiders thrower in the hopes of opening a hole for Cronar the Third in turn 8 only to end up on his back.
Raiders turn 8: Getting enough supporting players into the mix, the irrepressible Raiders thrower managed to throw a successful single die block on the ball carrying mummy knocking the ball loose. In an attempt to eliminate the Hex’s sole possibility of scoring, a Raiders catcher attempted a foul only to succeed in getting ejected from the pitch.
Hex turn 8: No rerolls, and out of options, a ghoul manages to dodge out and make it to the endzone waiting, hopefully, for an accurate pass. Unfortunately, the Hex wight who had the sole chance to get the ball in motion failed his first dodge roll ending the game.
The final score:
Raiders 2- Hex 0
Summary: This was a much closer game than the score would suggest. It was a hard fought victory for my opponent, and a real nail biter. I had a fairly mediocre game as far as dice rolling wen, not great, but not bad. My opponent however, pretty much had the game of his life. Even he admitted several times that his dice really could not have been much hotter.
That pretty much wraps up the match report. Hope I did not bore everyone too much with this!

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